Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Packs of regular cannabis seeds contain both seeds that will grow into male marijuana plants and seeds that will grow into female marijuana plants. Our seeds are sourced directly from the breeders, ensuring that they will produce healthy, vigorous, heavy-yielding plants.

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Average Yield (in SOG)

250 g/m² - 450 g/m²
Rico has something to say

If you are an inexperienced grower, regular cannabis seeds are ideal as they are less sensitive to stress. However, remember to cull the marijuana plants before you switch from the vegetative to the flowering stage. Males don't contain much THC and can fertilize female marijuana plants, rendering them unusable.

For those of you who are already familiar with growing weed, regular seeds have some advantages too. Cloning female plants from regular seeds will usually result in healthier mother plants. And since our regular marijuana seeds haven't been chemically altered or genetically modified, they are highly suitable for breeding purposes.