The Vegetative Phase of Cannabis Plants

When the seeds are germinated, they will start their vegetative stage. In this stage the plant needs 18/6 light with 60-65% humidity.

This is a very important stage for our beloved weed plant, maybe even the most important period. In this stage the plant will develop a root system which will help the plant to grow big and healthy. This is important because this will determine the eventual size of your plant and the eventual yield you will get from your plants. A poor start can be disastrous for the future blooming and harvest eventually.

The Root System

Because it's important to have a good root system we use a root extender, this will help 'grow' the root system big and healthy.

With Root Xtender it will grow fast and strong which will result that the roots can explore a greater volume of soil providing a larger surface area for absorption. This root extender also contains rhizobia which are beneficial soil bacteria that fix nitrogen and ensure the best possible growing conditions for your precious seedlings.

Growing Marijuana

The Right Nutrients

While the root system is growing bigger and bigger, the plant of course starts to ask nutrients to grow. The easiest solution to provide all the nutrients it needs in the first few weeks is by using Soiltabs. These provide a constant supply of nutrients to your seedlings and cuttings in the first six weeks of growth which will help them develop into strapping, vigorous plants eventually.

Soiltabs have a nitrogen-phosphate-potassium ratio of 14-6-6, suitable for improving any type of soil like lightmix or cocos etc.

The tabs are very easy to use for everyone and instructions are of course included.

I use lightmix, because the lightmix has only a minimum of nutrients on its own so it goes perfect with the tabs which will provide the exact amount of nutrients it needs for the next six weeks. And also because roots can best develop by growing through light and airy soil, as this contains more oxygen than a solid ground.

First, I start to mix my lightmix with the Root Xtender and I keep 1g extender aside. Then I take a pot and pour some lightmix in it (mixed with the root extender) and put in the Soiltabs and then cover the soiltab with a second layer of soil. The 1g extender i kept aside i pour around the place the seedling is going to be and then i plant the seedling as normal.

In this way the plant gets everything it needs for a perfectly healthy root system and enough nutrients for the vegetative phase. The combination of these things will give your plant all that it needs to make a perfect start.

All we have to do now is just simply water the plant until the flower period starts.

Posted on 2016-12-08 13:37:32 One of our marijuana experts