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O Tangie

When asked about our strains it’s easy for us to wax poetically about them. And really, who doesn’t love getting lost into a colorful array of psychedelic laced wordy description? But there was one thing in particular about Tangie that stood out to us, and it’s beautiful and doesn’t need any colorful ways to say it . . . clear headed.

It’s simple, but it’s an amazing little thing because it allows you to focus on each way the high affects you without feeling hazy. Your clear perception of each individual effect, from the electric zaps that pulsate through your legs to sparks of creativity arising in your brain, create a zen-like headspace that makes you one with the high.

It’s of course fitting that the flavor and aroma is a bright and clean tangerine, which is lovely since most other citrus strains tend to be lemony or grape. Her sweet and dank aroma combined with her strong sativa happy and euphoric high will help give you the energetic kick you need to make sure your morning starts off great.

Our tip for this strain: You’re going to need to watch for height here because she gets tall! She starts out fast and she can keep growing for up to 5 weeks after switching your lights to 12/12. Growing outside is often recommended, but if you know what you’re doing when it comes with plant training, you'll be golden growing inside - well you’ll be green. If you’ve been wanting to try out the SCROG method this is a great strain to try it on.

What we love about this strain: Tangerine Dream was an incredibly beautiful strain that rose to popularity in the mid 1990’s and Tangie goes above and beyond this idol. Don’t believe us? Just look at any competition Tangie has been entered into because she has always won. She’s a classic sativa in the making.

doprava zdarma

Nirvana nabízí bezplatnou zásilku na všech secích.

Náklady na dopravu

  • Nejvyšší kvalita. Nejlepší semena na trhu, přímo od zdroje.
  • Diskrétní doprava pro zajištění bezpečné dopravy vaších kavaltních semen.
  • Výběrová podpora pro odpověď na vaše otázky, kdykoliv potřebujete.


GenetikaCalifornia Orange x Super Skunk
Typ rostlinyHybrid
Typ pohlavíženský
PěstováníIndoor i outdoor
Průměrný výnos450 - 550 g/m² v SOG
Doba květu9 - 10 týdnů
LabelGold Label

Zákaznická zkušenost


  • Rád
  • Povznášející
  • Euforický


  • Citrusová
  • Orange
  • Sladká


  • Stres
  • Deprese
  • Únava

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