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Nirvana Shop offers you a way to stay anonymous. We have a checkout option designed to keep your personal information a secret. No data will be stored or tracked. It's an old school method whereby all you have to do is sent us an envelope with the right amount of content.

On top of being a safe and anonymous option, this option also gives you a 5% discount on your order.

More information can be found at Anonymous checkout instructions.

Stay anonymous Use this option if you want your personal information to be kept secret. No stored data No tracking Cash only (5% discount)

Checkout instructions in 5 steps:

  1. Hide the total amount of your order in a greeting card, so that it will not get detected easily (paper money only)

  2. Print the order form which will be generated during your final step of anonymous checkout

  3. Put the card with the cash and the Order Form in an envelope and seal it. Write the following address on the envelope:
    Munterslaan 4a
    2014 KW Haarlem
    The Netherlands

  4. Write your own address on the envelope, so that your letter can be returned in case something goes wrong

  5. Only use registered mail to send paper money. You can also use a courier service such as DHL or UPS.

Your order will be processed as soon as your payment is received. 

Accepted paper money currencies:

$ US Dollar
Great Britain Pound *
$C CAD Dollar

* Please note that we can only accept GBP banknotes from the Bank of England. Banknotes issued by others banks, like the Royal Bank of Scotland, cannot be accepted.

Make sure your money cannot be detected by hiding it in for example a greeting card. Only add paper money as coins are easily detected and we want to avoid that your payment gets stolen on the way. Accepted currencies can be found in the table below. Please note: sending cash is at your own risk.

Orders placed anonymously with the this method will receive a 5% discount

I hope this was helpful and answered your questions. If not you can always contact me and ask your questions directly!

~ Alice