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Buy Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin

Buy Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin

The bitcoin payment method is a secure way to pay for your order. In order to be able to pay with bitcoin (BTC) you need to have a bitcoin wallet filled with a BTC amount, high enough for your order.

If you choose Bitcoins as your payment option, you will be redirected to our bitcoin payment provider. There you will see the bitcoin address that you need to use for your payment. This is a unique address that is used for your order only. Payment generally needs to be done within a 15 minute time frame. The reason is that the BTC value changes constantly. After your payment is done, the status of your order will be set to 'paid' automatically (usually within 15 minutes). If you pay after the 15 minutes have passed, the payment still goes through but we need to manually verify the payment. that happens usually the same day or the next working day.

Bitcoin for newbies

When you pay your order with bitcoin, your bitcoin transaction is broadcasted over the bitcoin network. That way the servers that calculate your transaction and place it in the blockchain*, also known as ‘Bitcoin miners’, get to know of it’s existence. We also receive notice that the transaction is broadcasted and we set your order to ‘Waiting for Bitcoin confirmation’.

As soon as your transaction is added to the latest block by one of the Bitcoin miners, that transaction is checked by other servers on the bitcoin network. As soon as we receive 6 confirmations (6 servers that acknowledge the transaction as valid) your order is set to paid.

Normally, a transaction’s confirmation should take between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

* If you want to know more about bitcoin and blockchain technology, see the Blockchain Info FAQ.