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Check out these recipes for Cannabis cookies. – Rico


Nirvana Shop uses on this website one so-called context cookie, three supporting cookies. The context cookie is a session cookie, meant to make the website work properly. The supporting cookies are necessary to be able to show data well on the website.

For the use of these cookies it is not required to first ask the internet user for permission. These cookies ensure that certain data, such as the contents of the cart, can be shown again at a subsequent visit. The cookies are deleted after 20 days.

Nirvana Shop does not use tracking cookies. Analytics is done by Google and for that reason there is a Google Analytics cookie.

Website statistics

We use Google Analytics to analyze which pages are visited the most, how visitors have come to our website and which search terms are used.

For this Google collects the following details:

  • Google Analytics cookie;
  • IP address;
  • user agents (browsers, operating system);
  • used search terms to access our website via external search engines;
  • used links within the website;
  • used links to get to our website.