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The main problem during the COVID-19 pandemic is getting parcels shipped in time to our customers. We are facing this especially in the United States of America. Recently we have started shipping with a track & trace code for all our USA customers. That gives more confidence your order will arrive. However, we do realize shipping time is largely extended, sometimes by more than 6 weeks.

To overcome this problem and get you your seeds quicker than ever we are proud to present to you


We have partnered with a USA based breeder: UNITED SEEDS OF AMERICA. As of now we can offer you shipment from within the United States. By using USPS Tracking your seeds will arrive in just a few days.

UNITED SEEDS OF AMERICA cannot offer our Nirvana Shop spectrum of seeds. However, their seeds are of high quality and we are confident that they meet the Nirvana Shop standards.

Are you interested in getting top-notch marijuana seeds within just a few days to your USA address? Go to and order today.


I hope this was helpful and answered your questions. If not you can always contact me and ask your questions directly!

~ Alice