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Candy Kush


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Gold Label

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Candy Kush

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€ 35,00
Candy Kush


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Über Candy Kush

Maybe it’s the way she’s engulf your mouth with sweet notes of candy when inhaling or perhaps it’s the lemon that zigs off your tongue with a glutinous smooth exhale . . .

No, it’s surely the fast, but calm onset that gently swirls you into a high that’s a perfect blend of a sativa’s creative mindset engaging in harmony with an indica’s classic body stoning . . .

Now, now, one can’t forget about the polar opposite nature of this sweet candy-indulging gem, with her odd but delightful ability to produce pounds of bud in only 7 to 9 weeks of flowering . . .

Ok, Ok it’s all of those things and more, because OG Kush and Trainwreck created a sublime, slightly more indica-dominant hybrid that shoots and scores when it comes to taking the best characteristics from both indicas and sativas. If you’re not careful the heavy body high can couchlock you, but with a clean and inspiring head high supporting you, as long as you stay active you’ll be chill.

Our tip for this strain: No tip this time, just sit back, relax, smoke some green, and forgot about it. This strain is a killer for beginners because you have a super fast flowering time with high yields. Which you’re undoubtedly going to see because it a hearty plant that grows without any fuss.

What we love about this strain: Well besides all the things we mentioned above, we really like the high THC content hovering in the high teens while providing a pretty low CBD content. Sure, we love us some high CBD strains, but sometimes ya just want pure THC without the worry of couchlocking and sedation effects.

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Genetisch Blue Dream x OG Kush
Pflanzentyp Hybride
Geschlecht Typ Weiblich
Anbau Sowohl drinnen als draußen
Durchschnittliche Ernte 500 - 600 g/m² in SOG
Blühphase 7 - 9 Wochen
Schwierigkeit Einfach
Label Gold Label



  • Euphorisch
  • Freudig
  • Entspannt


  • Süß
  • Fruchtig
  • Blumig


  • Angst
  • Schmerz
  • Schlaflosigkeit

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