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Venus Flytrap Feminized


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Very Positive  15 reviews  - 14 growers recommend this
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Venus Flytrap Feminized

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About Venus Flytrap Feminized

Nirvana Venus Flytrap is another one of our high-production Skunk strains. These marijuana seeds tend towards the Sativa side, giving plants a longer stature and a more active buzz. Bred with high-production interest in mind, this marijuana strain is sure to keep both customers and growers very happy. Venus Flytrap produces a classic, sweet, skunky cannabis scent and long, easy-to-trim buds.

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Plant typeHybrid
CultivationIndoor as well as Outdoor
Average Yield450 - 550 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period8 - 10 weeks
Grow DifficultyHard

Customer experience


  • Happy
  • Talkative


  • Sweet
  • Skunk
  • Earthy

Medical use

  • Depression
  • Pain

Reviews of Venus Flytrap Feminized

Very Positive (15 reviews)
14 growers recommend this

Phill G.


Order was processed quickly and shipped discretely as promised.I chose these seeds for my first grow as the reviews indicated they were robust and forgiving, they have proven to be both. I am growing under a 600 watt equivalent LED, in organic soil, using General Organics Grow Box nutrients and un-adjusted tap water in 3 gallon plastic containers. I used an 18/6 vegetation photoperiod.All five seed germinated quickly and grew into healthy seedlings. I killed two of them when transplanting from the germination cup to the container. I nearly killed two more by over watering and allowing a fungus gnat infestation. I let the soil dry out, treated them with copper fungicide and an organic pesticide and they recovered and began to thrive. I used a very rudimentary version of topping and LST to keep the plants short and contained in my 1 square meter tent.Upon switching to a 20/4 photoperiod, the colas grew by approximately 6 inches and are all showing lots of healthy bud sites with long white hairs and early stage small crystals.This strain does not die easily and hopefully if I don't wreck it, I'll have a bountiful harvest in February. -Total grow time: Oct 10 - Feb 18. -Recommend starting these in seed starter pods and then putting the pod directly in the soil.

Wayne B.


Venus Flytrap is a robust outdoor strain..grew standard methods, no special treatment,but she blossomed good.. true to its word by being a high yielder.. Me,i didn't do to good indoors so I put her outdoor in ground.. Vigourous grower.. Has that Sativa swagger.. She doing awesome.. (sept.19 now)about 4 to 6 wks from harvest..buds galore... I've been growing the unpopular strains from Nirvana wit little reviews..im getting good results..hav Sterling Haze(in love wit her).. wanna do Haze 1, this one is pretty good, taste test of bud, still unripe but still good(desperate to taste it).. can't wait for riped flowers... I'll say it again; Nirvana hooked it up again..,good genetics, good strains, Hardy plants, good THC... been a custumor since 2012; they always delivered.. I never had a problem wit any seed... Venus Flytrap-Good Strain; I liked it..... Peace

Jay P.


This should have a try me sticker on it, it really does the work for you. It seemed to bulk up on its own, and one smelled like a jolly rancher candy. Almost like blue mystic but bigger

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