Doctor Doctor Package Deal

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Doctor Doctor Package Deal

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Raspberry Cough Feminized

Blackjack Feminized

Ultimate Grow Kit

Doctor Doctor Package Deal

Raspberry Cough Feminized + Blackjack Feminized + Ultimate Grow Kit

The Doctor Doctor Package Deal is the best way to keep the doctor away. This excellent package deal allows you to sample two strains of Nirvana Shop in a completely hassle-free way. You'll get the seeds and everything you need to make sure they germinate and grow. Package deals are efficient, easy and, best of all, very economical!

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Reviews of Doctor Doctor Package Deal

Very Positive (3 reviews)
3 growers recommend this
Edinei I. 2015-10-30
Muito bom..recomendo! Obrigado Nirvana
Charles s. 2010-08-05
Thank Nirvana for the speedy shipping I recently ordered the doctor package the raspberry cough is pretty good it came out two different ways some had a dutch tast and some a raspberry booth ways where good and i have one growing that looks like a combo of the both i cant wate for that one becouse i love that dutch taste takes 7-10 weeks under 1000watt .The black jack on the other hand needs some work 1 out of my 4 so far have ben black jack where you could take a hit and say black jack the other 3 dont know what thay are just taste like fruits still have 1 to go hope it makes me say black jack so i ordered northren lites next and thay have 4 week to rock so youll here from me again thanks 99% germ on fem seeds sweet good job
Richard c. 2010-12-15
Only took 7 days to arrive and i love the added bonus. Haven't had that ******* since I was a kid living in Holland. Can't get it here. guess I'll keep ordering just to keep me supplied in a childhood treat HAHA! We are having Kush Con this weekend so I'll have lots of experts to help me start my first ever grow. Thanks Nirvana!
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