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Outdoor Innovation Package Deal

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€ 77,00
Outdoor Innovation Package Deal

This pack contains:

Short Rider Autoflower Short Rider Autoflower autoflower 5× marijuana seeds € 25,00
Swiss Cheese Feminized Swiss Cheese Feminized feminized 5× marijuana seeds € 25,00
Ultimate Grow Kit Ultimate Grow Kit Growth Solution € 22,00

About Outdoor Innovation Package Deal

The Outdoor Innovation Package Deal is just the thing for the discerning outdoor grower! This excellent package deal allows you to sample two strains of Nirvana Shop in a completely hassle-free way. You'll get the seeds and everything you need to make sure they germinate and grow. Package deals are efficient, easy and, best of all, very economical!

  • Highest quality. Best seeds you can get, straight from the source.
  • Discreet shipping to ensure the safe arrival of your quality seeds.
  • Superior support to answer all your questions whenever you need.

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