Short Rider Autoflower fem.

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5 Seeds per pack


Indoor as well as Outdoor

200 - 300 g/m² in SOG

6 - 8 weeks

Short Rider Autoflower

Nirvana Short Rider is a hybrid of our discontinued marijuana strains Top 44 and Early Special. Top 44 has long been a trade favorite because of its ability to produce worthwhile amounts of strong, skunky buds in just 44 days of flowering. Even though Early Special itself lacks this characteristic, its Siberian Cannabis Ruderalis genes give Short Rider the unique ability to "autoflower" - to flower independently of light cycles, like lowryder. This means you won't need to maintain a strict lighting schedule for these marijuana seeds - they will flower regardless! These seeds are a must for cannabis growers with limited space or who simply want to finish extra early. The quality of the weed is amazing considering how little time it takes these marijuana seeds to finish.

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Genetics Top 44 x Early Special
Plant Type Hybrid
Cultivation Indoor as well as Outdoor
Plant Height Short
Effect Active, Physical
Flavor Pungent, Fruity
Average Yield 200 - 300 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period 6 - 8 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
THC Medium
CBD Medium
Medical Use No

Reviews of Short Rider Autoflower fem.

58 Reviews Write a review
06 Apr. 2016

Nirvana always delivers! They just shipped my seventh order! So far they have delivered within 15 days of ordering. Their seed are great too! I love the Short Rider! I recommend it to any one who likes to have a plant going 365. Short growth period with a really nice "Daytime" high. I recommend Nirvana to all my friends. :-)

21 March 2016

only 2 weeks of delivery to the land of smile, very impressive!!! Love Nirvana

10 March 2016

I grew Short Rider outdoors in western Washington US. It's classic skunk weed. I planted on May 10 and harvested August 17. I got a little over an ounce of bud per plant. This strain is easy to grow and would be a good choice for a beginner.

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