Northern Light Autoflower

  • Lucrative indica strain.
  • High flower/leaf ratio, dense buds, lots of resin.
  • Neutral yet full-bodied taste.

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Northern Light is a marijuana strain which is highly suited to indoor growing. Nearly all promising modern indoor cannabis strains contain Northern Lights genes. With its high flower-to-leaf ratio, compact buds, good yields and exceptional resin production, these wonderful marijuana seeds are a most lucrative choice for the indoor cannabis grower. The smoke's flavor is somewhat neutral, yet full-bodied.


Plant TypeHybrid
CultivationIndoor as well as Outdoor
Plant HeightShort
EffectHigh (Head Trip) yet Stoned (Body Buzz)
FlavorFruity, Smooth
Average Yield200 - 300 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period7 - 9 weeks
White StrainNo
Medical UseNo

How To Grow Northern Light Autoflower

1. Germination

Cover your Northern Light Autoflower seeds with a maximum of ¼ inch of soil. Keep the soil damp. Now wait for the seedlings to pop up. For best germination rate, use our Propagator Pro to create the optimum germination conditions, and our Germination Kit to protect your seeds from harmful influences and to stimulate the germination process.

2. Vegetative Stage

To stimulate growth, it is important to accommodate your Northern Light Autoflower seedlings with at least 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness every day. If your climate is suitable, you can choose to replant your Northern Light Autoflower seedlings outdoors. If not, buy yourself some good grow lights and replant your seedlings indoors. Use our Root Xtender for a vigorous and strong root growth, and Root Pouches for a better protection of the roots. Many of our customers use Soiltabs to give their Northern Light Autoflower seeds optimum slow releasing nutrients for the duration of the vegetative stage.

3. Flowering Stage

When growing outdoors, your Northern Light Autoflower plants will start flowering as days get shorter and autumn sets in. Indoors, switch your light cycle over to the flowering cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, when your Northern Light Autoflower plants are about half the size desired and then force them to start flowering. Autoflower strains will start flowering automatically, cutting a lot of time from your vegetative stage. Instead of just growing leaves, your plants are also flowering now. For best nutrient solution during the flowering stage, buy yourself some Flowertabs that is specifically formulated to supply slow releasing nutrients for the duration of the flowering stage.

4. Hang to Dry

After harvesting, let your Northern Light Autoflower buds hang to dry for a minimum of 10 days in a dark and enclosed, but ventilated space until the branches crack when you bend them. How long this takes depends on your climate and atmospheric humidity. Then cut the buds, trim the leaves and store the buds in mason jars. Open the jars 2 to 3 times a day for about 15 minutes to prevent mold growth. Stick labels on the jars to remind you of what’s inside.

Dan B 2015-02-24

Awesome plant

Plant easily turns purple under LED light. Smells rather piney. Very colorful. cant wait to harvest and smoke. First time I've gotten purple bud on a plant so i am quite anxious to smoke it.

paul a 2015-01-26

northern lights auto's have arrived

I'm going to try these auto's,they will be my first time growing them.Nirvana seeds were quick to get them out to me very quickly.They shipped them out to me on the 18th,I got the on east coast on the 24 th.Excited about trying them....Northern light's auto's and Bubblicous auto5 of each can't wait to get them started after I get my Durban poison flowered and out of my new grow tent. They also sent me 10 free mixed,not sure what kind they are.If anyone know what kind of seeds they are please let me kow thank you.And Nirvana I will be doing more business with you guy's in the near future.

Robert S 2015-01-17

northern lights auto

Got seeds no problems, 4 out of 5 sprouted .first grow and I did lots of wrong things, soil was horrible pH was off I had cal/ mag deficiencies in the end 2 were short (10 inches) and fair quality and 2 were tall ( 24-27 inches) and were top shelf, been smoking good buds for 27 years and was shocked from the power of the 2 tall plants

Molly S 2015-01-14

Speedy delivery

Speedy delivery orders on a Sunday sent on that Monday got them that Saturday I'm a little scared but fuck it they have a customer for life!!!!!!!

Phillip E 2015-01-07

Northern Lights

This plant is amazing, super loaded with trichromes. It's super sticky, pain in the ass to trim, but well worth it. I grew all in the same 18 gallon bucket. All sprouted and looked the same hieght and amount except one it was twice as tall and three times the bud. After all of what Nirvana has to offer I will definitely get this one Agian but definitely more. I would like to post some picks, of just before I harvested.

dave s 2015-01-07


ready for round two

Arlan H 2015-01-03

Crazy Head trip

After failing in 2013 I tried this again last year, with the Papaya strain. A strong but delicate plant that will try to stretch; keep the light as close as possible.
It smells great thru veg+bloom; quite a strong aroma after drying. 4wks veg is enough; yes I cropped after 20days. Besides the stretching this is quite easy to grow.
Excellent weed; gives a crazy-happy-trippy-horney head trip...aphrodasiac that leaves you like the duracell bunny. Will do this again.

Dear Nirvana: your menu options are missing something; a sub-menu for height; short/medium/tall. Having that search option would save your customers a load of time.

Jorge D 2014-12-17

used in 1st grow

i grew one of these for my first grow in a 3 gallon pot

with a lot of errors (nutrients, watering, heat, humidity) it gave me 33 grams

going again, hoping for 50 grams on this next grow ;)

600W MH/HPS system

Jeff S 2014-11-23

Great yield

I grew these 4 in the SHRUMAUTOPOTS started them under a 4 foot T-5 for 16 days then moved under 1 600w HPS once the out grew the 600w I added a 2nd 600w they had 1 main cola with 16 smaller colas. The grew to the hight of 40" tall. Very wide too. The Shrum auto pot is a very tall slender container holding 7 gals of medium of Soil mixed with 30% coco. took 75 days. Thanks for great beans Nirvana..

Timo R 2014-10-13


Bought 5 seeds. All germinated, but only one was autoflower and flowered with 24/0 light cycle. Others wouldn't flower even with 12/12 cycle. It might have been my fault, i'm not very experienced grower and thats why i prefer autos. The one that flowered is growing great. So beware that these might not all be autos. Very happy with Nirvanas other seeds though. Still a loyal customer.

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Northern Light Autoflower

Northern Light Autoflower

  • Lucrative indica strain.
  • High flower/leaf ratio, dense buds, lots of resin.
  • Neutral yet full-bodied taste.

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