Germination Kit

  • Spongepots as a secure germination environment to stimulate growth.
  • Bacto Powder to protect your seeds from harmful outside influences.

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The Germination Kit consists of two high quality components to guarantee a perfect germination of your precious marijuana seeds. To complete setup for giving your seeds the best possible start in life, also try our Propagator Pro.

Please note: growth solutions will be shipped separately from seeds.


The 10 included spongepots are a secure germination environment containing sphagnum (peat moss) harvested from selected peat bogs. Agricultural lime and a special fertilizer with a low ammonium content have been added to the peat to stimulate growth.  

Bacto powder

Bacto is a mixture of various fungi and bacteria with added Trichoderma to protect your seeds from harmful outside influences. This highly concentrated blend gives a boost of beneficial microorganisms to any type of soil.

The majority of fungi and bacterial lives in soil. Bacto has been designed specifically to stimulate the soil life that creates the best environment for your seeds to take root. Bacto soil improvement bacteria free up phosphates, bind nitrogen and recycle minerals from organic waste material. Selected strains of streptomyces bacteria and Trichoderma fungi are stimulated by a natural catalyst called myconate.

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Andrew B 2014-05-21

Best seed starter

this is one of the best seed starters i have found :D

Kenan R 2013-09-20

Get this

Get this. If you are looking for an easy way to get your seeds started get this baby with the Propagator Pro and you will not regret it. The easy to follow instructions provide a fool-proof plan for germination. Plant them in this and leave them in the propagator and s**t happens. As easy as that. Highly recommend it. To all the 1-star reviews you must be doing something wrong...

Collin B 2013-03-30

Killed the seeds

Purchased Blue Mystic and White Rhino feminized seeds along with germination kit and propagator. Put 3 of each in the germination kit and after two weeks not a single one had sprouted. I sucked it up spent a couple extra bucks at my local hydro shop and got a real light and pH balanced pots. I put the last 4 seeds into this environment and had my first true set of leaves forming on day two.

Not trying to rag on Nirvana a whole lot, they went way above and beyond on the customer service side of things. I have no idea what the actual root problem was, it could be something as simple as the light on the propagator not being sufficient not sure.

Was using 6.5 pH water with around 200 ppm to germinate under a pro-grow 400 LED in a nice tent. Obviously the lighting and setup I am using now is about 20x the cost of this so keep that in mind as well.

Stephen B 2012-09-20

Noob Grow Loves this item

Broke down and gave this kit a try after killing off 10 Auto Flower Fem seeds. I tried using the peatmoss germ kits at the local hardware stores, most broke ground but the plants soon died from water saturation and other noob mistakes. Tried again with 10 more, killed them off to. Finally gave this a try and am in LOVE. 10 for 10 this time and the babies are doing well in a DWC now. I took the plant from the plastic and kept the brown goop in place, put it in the basket with some clay balls and into the tank. Growing like CRAZY now. I am a fan, bought 3 more kits the next day. Anytime I buy seed, these will be added to the package as a must have. Going to try root extender now, if it is half as good as this item I will be so happy.

Eric J 2012-08-04

Exellent even for pros

I had a bad experience trying to germinate Royal Flush seeds, after my 1st batch didn't hatch, AJ was kind enough to replace, unfortunately I had no luck with these either, So I ordered these and the Propagator Pro, I put 5 separate seed strains in 5 of the pouches, in 2 days 3 are 1.5 inches tall, 1 more is breaking the soil, & hopefully the 5th will soon, these were all 1 of a kind seeds that I had bought separately, so I didn't have spares, I am most impressed.

John P 2012-05-19

I love these

This was my first time using these and I am soooo impressed. Seeds popped in 2 days!! You spend a ton of money on seeds and it is good to know with this product they will grow!!

Kalvis J 2012-03-31


I try this one time and didn't get better result's than with soaked paper towel's. It's probably because that I germinate seeds without germination kit in 2-3 day's too. Nirvana quality seeds even in 24 hrs. (probably I can provide an ideal germ condition's in towel - right humidity and temp).
But for those who don't know right towel humidity and temp level's it's great solution, like fertilising with soiltabs and flowertabs.

Josue S 2012-02-18


I loved the germination kit, all of my seeds germinated in 2 days with the help of the propagator!

Josue S 2012-02-04

fairly good

most times I have problems of germination, but germination kit + propagator, all the seeds germinate in less than a week, I highly recommend it

Donna P 2012-01-12


Soaked seeds Jan 8, planted the next day and 9 out of ten were breaking through the medium on Jan 10th. By Jan 11, even the tenth seed was poking its head out and 4 needed to be transplanted as roots were shooting through the bottom.

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Germination Kit

Germination Kit

  • Spongepots as a secure germination environment to stimulate growth.
  • Bacto Powder to protect your seeds from harmful outside influences.

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