Ultimate Grow Kit

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Growth Solution

Ultimate Grow Kit

Make the most of your marijuana seeds! Nirvana's Ultimate Grow Kit includes our three bestselling growth solutions: the Germination Kit, a packet of Soiltabs and a packet of Flowertabs. That's all you need from seed to harvest in an irresistible value pack!

Please note: growth solutions will be shipped separately from seeds.

The Germination KitGermination Kit

The Germination Kit consists of 10 kits and a sachet of Bacto, a mixture of beneficial fungi and bacteria. This Kit ensures that your cannabis seeds germinate safely and quickly, and provides a stimulating environment for seedlings.

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10 Soiltabs10 Soiltabs

A packet of Soiltabs contains ten 100% organic tablets that provide a constant source of nourishment to your marijuana plants. Each tablet contains a balanced mix of bacteria and humic acids designed especially for growing cannabis.

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10 Flowertabs10 Flowertabs

A packet of Flowertabs contains ten 100% organic tablets. Flowertabs will slowly biodegrade, releasing measured doses of nutrients while the fungal ingredients strengthen and extend your roots just when your plants need it the most.

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Get 10 Free Seeds with a purchase higher than 10 euros.

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  • The Germination Kit for perfect germination of your cannabis seeds.
  • 10 Soiltabs for careful development of your cannabis seedlings.
  • 10 Flowertabs for maximum flourishing of your cannabis plants.

Reviews of Ultimate Grow Kit

12 Reviews Write a review
04 Apr. 2016

I definitely recommend using these, as they have made a HUGE difference from growing without using any of these to using them. And I am still learning on proper ways to care for them, so I think these are good for first time growers; as they have everything the plants need and its not complicated to figure out. Its a simple, easy way to give your plants what they need and the price I have to admit, is worth it to get the best out of your plants.

And shipping was awesome, as always. And in case anyone's wondering about seeds, they are shipped separately and usually show up about a week after the kit does; at least it did for me. Just thought I'd put that out there in case anyone's wondering why they don't have their freebies right away.

15 March 2016

set-up:5x5 gorilla
1-california lightworks 440 w/ 2-t-12 blue
1 220 full spectrum
co2 1200 ppm 1 shot every 15 min for 15 sec(covers grow tent area)
4 autopot system
fox farm sea forest/peralite

germinated 3 lemon og kush , used rockwool with ULTIMATE GROW KIT germinating cups inside 3x3 rockwool. once good thick roots develop set on top of assembled autopot,(when setting up place SOILTAB in pot as directed)........3 weeks into grow 18/6 light cycle plants are very bushy 10" tall and full of poping buds the length of the stalk.........cut FLOWERTAB into quarters (after reading customer input) inserted today as directed. this grow looks very promising.

14 March 2016

If you have this under the plant, the plant gets the nutrients it needs,
and the plant grow like a skyskraper,, just awesome...

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