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Propagator Pro

Nirvana is excited to bring you the newest innovation, the Propagator Pro. This nifty little propagator ships completely flat, but then unfolds into a sturdy yet sophisticated container for safe germination, complete with built-in LED lighting including batteries, a bag of perlite, a thermometer strip and an instruction sheet.

Please note: growth solutions will be shipped separately from seeds.

The Propagator Pro is ideally suited towards larger growing operations, where germination conditions need to be perfectly regulated. But this propagator is equally useful for beginning growers. Don’t stress about risking your precious cannabis seeds. The Propagator Pro, with a size of 5x4x5 in (13x10x13 cm) will keep your germinating seeds, emerging taproots or growing seedlings safe and healthy.

Generally, seeds will take between 1-6 days to germinate. Remove the seedlings from the Propagator Pro as soon as the seed leaves have fully emerged. This prevents root entanglement at the bottom. You can also use the Propagator as a protective nursery for starting clones and vulnerable seedlings. Make sure you do not leave in the germinated seeds for too long after they’ve sprouted to prevent the roots getting tangled up!

This propagator is a perfect match for our Germination Kit. Simply cover the bottom of the Propagator with the perlite (included), mix water with the Bacto from the Germination Kit, pour about 25 ml over the perlite, and it will retain and dispense moisture while your seeds sprout. Place the seeds in the spongepots as per the instructions of the Germination Kit.

The roots will be able to suck up the Bacto-enriched water through the holes in the bottom of the spongepots. You can use the rest of the Bacto mix to sprinkle on the actual spongepots, but make sure you never thoroughly wet them, just moisten slightly! Never place seeds directly in perlite - this is not an appropriate germination environment for your seeds!

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  • Foolproof germination.
  • Many accessories included.
  • Ships flat in a discreet box.
  • NEW - Improved with 6 leds & Duracell batteries

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17 Reviews Write a review
25 May 2016

This worked very well for starting my plants and I will definitely use it again. It was very easy to put together and my plants germinated in two days.

14 May 2016

Bitchen. Works great. Thanks. Great product.

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