Root Pouches

  • Stimulates root growth and protects roots.
  • 5 pots (of one size) per pack, ships flat.
  • Recycled, biodegradable materials.
  • 5 different sizes available.

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€ 7,00

  • 5x 1 Gallon (4 litres)
  • 5x 2 Gallons (8 litres)
  • 5x 3 Gallons (12 litres)
  • 5x 4 Gallons (16 litres)
  • 5x 7 Gallons (30 litres)


Nirvana is proud to introduce the award-winning, patented technology of Root Pouch biodegradable plant pots. Root Pouch takes discarded plastic bottles and turns them into plant pots! Resilient and lightweight, these pots have been designed to break down over time so that your cannabis plants can grow big and strong.

Please note: growth solutions will be shipped separately from seeds.


Looking for the 5 gallon root pouch? Our calculations have shown it's actually a 4.2 gallon (16 litres) pot and we now sell it as such. The product has not changed.

Do you want to set free all the power in your plants? We now offer 7 gallon pouches for spawning humongous plants!

Root Pouch pots are made of a unique, fabric-like geotextile created from reclaimed plastic fibers and recycled natural materials (cotton). This material is not only a green alternative to traditional plastics, but it is actually far better for your cannabis plants too!

Indoors, “air pruning” will make sure your plants’ roots make optimal use of the space inside the pot. Because the environment outside the pot is drier than inside, primary probing roots will be prevented from venturing too far out, encouraging the plant to develop secondary roots for branching out fully inside the pot. Outdoors, these pots will protect your cannabis plants from the elements of nature that threaten them.

Benefits of Root Pouches

  • Protect the roots of your precious cannabis plants from heat and cold
  • Release heat and circulate air, allowing roots to breathe
  • Provide better drainage; this prevents roots from rotting
  • Eliminate root circling; this prevents cannabis plants from getting rootbound
  • Can be planted in the ground or used as-is
  • Slowly biodegrade when planted in soil or when thrown away
  • Can be used with drip systems, overheads & hydroponic flood trays

Root Pouches are available in 5 different sizes, ship flat and have a life span of 18 to 24 months, after which they will slowly biodegrade. Use the smaller pots for your seedlings, or take the bigger ones out for a guerrilla grow. Marijuana plants love being grown in a Root Pouch, so order a couple every time you buy cannabis seeds!

Alex P 2012-11-15

Great solution

These are great! Are you guys going to stock the 3 gallon ones? I have a small grow space, about 5 feet tall, and with a 5 gallon the plants get too big. Will you be stocking the 3 gallon soon?

Any suggestions on a short plant that yields well? Preferably AF. Thanks!

Edward R 2012-11-09

best thing yet

best thing i have used

Johnnyd R 2012-08-30


Will these pouches fall apart if used like a traditional planter ( like instead of burying them outdoors underground, will they hold up to above ground watering, sunlight, etc like a 5 gal bucket?)nn>>NIRVANA COMMENT: Yes, they will be fine. They biodegrade eventually, but slowly. When you use them aboveground, they actually have the added benefit of air-pruning your roots!

Bernard L 2012-07-29

root pouch

just got everything today, very unique shipping cant wait to get my little love babies created, they gonna love the root pouch

Nirvana rocks!!!

Natysha R 2012-06-28


I must say I have been using these pouches for the last three weeks for the first time and I must say they are AWESOME!! The drainage is superb..not bulky like pots..def a must have!! Happy planting!!

Steven W 2012-04-12

Root Pouch

I too received a root pouch with my order and Thank Nirvana so much for their great service !

Asgeir F 2012-01-23

it seems like a great produkt

but you're seem to out of stock unless you buy the smallest one, and for me thats a problem i soon think aboute geurilla growing and i tougth it gonna be great if i try the '' 3 gallons'' one's but back to the problem there is nothing in stock as it seems. So please Nirvana get the 3 gallons for me and alle the others who migth need it

Eric B 2011-11-18

Great Product

I started growing with this and it works like a charm.

Sarah V 2011-11-17


To my surprise I got a root pouch free with my order! Put it to use rightaway of course and I'm loving it. Easy to use and the plant I have in it (NYPD) is taking off like a mofo! Thanks Nirvana.

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Root Pouches

Root Pouches

  • Stimulates root growth and protects roots.
  • 5 pots (of one size) per pack, ships flat.
  • Recycled, biodegradable materials.
  • 5 different sizes available.

Write a review