White Rhino Feminized

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5 Seeds per pack



350 - 450 g/m² in SOG


White Rhino Feminized

Powerful F1 hybrid.
Dense, short plants.
Hashy, slightly harsh-tasting smoke with a stoney buzz.
High THC content, suitable for medical users. 

White Rhino is a powerful F1 hybrid of White Widow and a curiously strong Canadian indica strain. Its father contains more indica-genes than White Widow, its mother, making for denser, somewhat shorter plants. Because of its high THC content, White Rhino would be very suitable for medicinal marijuana applications. The taste of this smoke is hashy and slightly harsh, making it work well in a bong. The buzz is stoney and comes on hard.

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Genetics White Widow x Maple Leaf Indica
Plant Type Hybrid
Cultivation Indoor
Plant Height Medium
Average Yield 350 - 450 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period 8 - 10 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
THC High
CBD Medium
Effect+ Relaxed Happy Euphoric
Flavor+ Earthy Woody Pungent
Medical+ Stress Depression Pain
Medical Use Yes

Reviews of White Rhino Feminized

17 Reviews Write a review
01 Apr. 2016

Had the seeds for almost a year before germination and all seeds popped but let them get cold feet and lost one. 45 days into flower and all is great so far, buds are swelling the trichs cover even some of the upper fan leaves. All 4 are very hardy plant with a wonderful aroma. Growing under 8 Cree CXB7070 3000K chips, 40"X12" passive heat sink, MW drivers pulling 396w at the wall. Medium- ProMix, nutes- Bontanicare Pro Grow and Bloom, Cal/Mag and trying Terpinator for the first time.

I'm really looking forward to this grow. Nirvana, YOU ROCK!!!

Next grow, Nirvana Master Kush and Bubblelicious, yummmm...

28 March 2016

I've got a cornucopia of lovely ladies basking under the inside sun. One each of White Rhino, White Castle, AK 48, Master Kush, Super Skunk and Wonder Woman. Today is the beginning of their 5th week blooming.
The Rhino is the shortest of the crowd; yet well formed and beautiful!

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