Snow White Feminized

  • Top quality white F1 hybrid.
  • Short indica stature, sticky buds, lots of trichomes.
  • Strong stone, smooth taste.

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Nirvana Snow White is one of our top-notch selections from the white marijuana seeds family. Her pure cannabis indica father gives Snow White a denser stature than close relative White Widow, making this F1 hybrid a big yielder indeed. Its plants bear dense sticky buds covered in trichomes. These marijuana seeds are well suited to cultivation in hydro or similar systems. With its lovely smooth taste and powerful indica stone, Snow White is one of the nicest Widow variations available.


Plant TypeHybrid
Plant HeightMedium
EffectStoned (Body Buzz, Relaxing Effect)
FlavorSweet, Smooth
Average Yield400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period8 - 10 weeks
White StrainYes
Medical UseYes

How To Grow Snow White Feminized

1. Germination

Cover your Snow White Feminized seeds with a maximum of ¼ inch of soil. Keep the soil damp. Now wait for the seedlings to pop up. For best germination rate, use our Propagator Pro to create the optimum germination conditions, and our Germination Kit to protect your seeds from harmful influences and to stimulate the germination process.

2. Vegetative Stage

To stimulate growth, it is important to accommodate your Snow White Feminized seedlings with at least 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness every day. If your climate is suitable, you can choose to replant your Snow White Feminized seedlings outdoors. If not, buy yourself some good grow lights and replant your seedlings indoors. Use our Root Xtender for a vigorous and strong root growth, and Root Pouches for a better protection of the roots. Many of our customers use Soiltabs to give their Snow White Feminized seeds optimum slow releasing nutrients for the duration of the vegetative stage.

3. Flowering Stage

When growing outdoors, your Snow White Feminized plants will start flowering as days get shorter and autumn sets in. Indoors, switch your light cycle over to the flowering cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, when your Snow White Feminized plants are about half the size desired and then force them to start flowering. Autoflower strains will start flowering automatically, cutting a lot of time from your vegetative stage. Instead of just growing leaves, your plants are also flowering now. For best nutrient solution during the flowering stage, buy yourself some Flowertabs that is specifically formulated to supply slow releasing nutrients for the duration of the flowering stage.

4. Hang to Dry

After harvesting, let your Snow White Feminized buds hang to dry for a minimum of 10 days in a dark and enclosed, but ventilated space until the branches crack when you bend them. How long this takes depends on your climate and atmospheric humidity. Then cut the buds, trim the leaves and store the buds in mason jars. Open the jars 2 to 3 times a day for about 15 minutes to prevent mold growth. Stick labels on the jars to remind you of what’s inside.

duane m 2015-02-22


I have alway had good luck with nirvana. My last order 21 days from order to my hands. getting ready to start my seeds

Adam G 2015-02-04

snow in the spring

Decided to grow this heavy medical strain after my success with my first grow from nirvana. have to say that all my beans have always sprouted, forget what the nay talk nirvana is for real.

Robert M 2014-10-04

Snow White rocks

Over 6 oz of nice hard buds, cured for a month then shared with friends. Never had nirvana strains before but this one surprised me. Very good weed, strong high, one person said it was better than the top shelf dispensary weed. And you know what? I agree.of course they're weeds been cured for a week or two where I cured for a month before really enjoying it. What's left has been curing for two months now and it's just getting better and better. Deeper strong nice smell and taste and high. Just a real winner. Buds were real frosty and sticky. A+

Daniel W 2014-10-03

snow white fem

Bought 5 snow white fem. 4 out 5 sprouted currently in 5th week of veg. And there all a foot tall & topped twice so have 4tops on all goina veg another week or two to get a lil more height on the tops but all n all they look GREAT! ;-) & 8 of the 10 freebies sprouted & are clearly different strains one of em has to be that plant that gets lanky 2ft tall & very Linky with super skinny leavesn stem is very thin for the size & is the tallest but looks the worst aa lot of browning on the tips of all the leaves ?
But any way thanks nirvana very satisfied n can't wait to try some other strains soon :-)

Daniel S 2014-08-10

Snow White Delivery

Just a heads up to every one in the U.S. of A. Took a little over 2 weeks to get em' but my beans are here. And they look great. Lots of bad reviews on shipping for Nirvana on a lot of independent sites. I'm glad to say I took a chance. Beans look great! Freebies are clearly different genetics. Thanks Nirvana. Will update in about 4 months:)

Yvonne M 2014-07-31


I received my order in 8 days, counting the weekend not business days, discretely. Took 3 days to germ my small seeds using Rockwool cube placed in a sealed plastic container( of course Ziploc ) placed in a 78° to 80° very dim area. My girls are kickiniiiit at 5 dys old!!!! Yes my seeds were small but their fine and if anything goes wrong at this point I can't blame myself :-p ..nd I won't blame Nirvana either SO lEt's hope nothing messing this up. I feel like a happily pregnant women in my first trimester. Anyway shopping here from now nd on.... placed another order for my nighttime med (Papaya...hope i spelled that right) Monday nd it shipped already. I'm totally satisfied with my overall experience HERE!!!

Jason W 2014-07-30

Still Growing

All 5 seeds sprouted withing a couple days after being put straight into a peat/perlite mix. All 5 appear to share the same phenotype with very uniform growth/appearance between all 5. Transplanted outdoors early July (SoCal) and after mild bleaching on older leaves the new growth loves the high temps and intense sun. This strain is so far not very sensitive to nutes either, which I guess is the norm for Indicas. The growth shows a heavy tendency towards its Indica side, to the point it looks like a 100% indica plant. All 5 plants respoded very well to being topped - though they did need a few days to recover before they really started growing again. On that note, I used the tops of all 5 for clones and all 5 fully rooted within a few days with fuzzy white roots exploding from peat/perlite mix.

As a side note, all 10 randoms sprouted very quickly, with the longest taking 4 days. Still no signs of sex (sowed at end of May).

Over all I'm very satisfied with the seeds themselves. I'll be sure to update when I'm finally able to harvest.

Chris B 2014-01-12

Fabulous strained

First time with this strain and must say this is a amazing plant good for beginners like myself and will deffently order again nirvana is the best around thanks agian

Jeremy C 2013-11-19

Will be a fan till the day I'm buried

I have had this strain in my garden for over 2 years now. And I'll be damned if it ever goes anywhere else. It is killing some of the Kush strains and even other supposed best strains as named by a certain magazine. It is one of the most highly sought after and most wanted strains in my area and a 60 mile radius for that matter. What can I say, this strain works for so many ailments this is a definite must have for anyone's garden connoisseur to all day toker.
Snow White~ gotta have it!

Joseph S 2013-09-07

Snow White indoor

Clone Veg'd around 60 days with LST/HST and topping techniques. Flowered 67 days. Nice bud to leaf ratio. Easy to trim. Easy grow. Clones easy. Looks more sativa but hits very Indica. Head buzz into a body stone.

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Snow White Feminized

Snow White Feminized

  • Top quality white F1 hybrid.
  • Short indica stature, sticky buds, lots of trichomes.
  • Strong stone, smooth taste.

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