Royal Flush Feminized

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5 Seeds per pack

Predominantly Sativa


325 - 425 g/m² in SOG


Royal Flush Feminized

Nirvana Royal Flush is an F1 marijuana hybrid of Jock Horror and an Eldorado from Oaxaca in Mexico. Seeds from this variety grow into tall and lanky marijuana plants, with plenty of budding sites. Royal Flush has a unique sweet-and-sour flavor that will leave you smacking your lips, and its buzz is energetic and uplifting.

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Plant Type Predominantly Sativa
Cultivation Indoor
Plant Height Tall
Average Yield 325 - 425 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period 10 - 12 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
THC Medium
CBD Medium
Effect+ Euphoric Uplifted Happy
Flavor+ Citrus Sweet Earthy
Medical+ Pain Depression
Medical Use Yes

Reviews of Royal Flush Feminized

4 Reviews Write a review
03 May 2016

By far the best what I growed, possible that I pick up a special pheno, but this was by far the fastest and highest plant. Forgive me, that I have now no clones :( In the beginning it sprout already after 24h, due to the speed I decided to keep it as mother in a Hempy Bucket (Coco & Perlit Mix in a 36 L bucket) and made more than 60 clones from it. After 6 months I sent the mother into the bloom phase and gave me a deluxe quality that you never smoked before... and I only use one seed, forgive me to not keep a clone. Under 600W, Canna/Aptus and Aeroponic you will get easily 1 Kg/m², nearly the same with 600W, Hempy Bucket and Hesi/Aptus. The mother gave me more than 20 big buds (SCROG over a 80x80 box), need one month.. but i predicted that it will be more than 200g.

27 June 2013

From Nirvana seeds. Watch her progress, From seed, to Bloom, Outdoors

09 March 2010

Being a medical grower we often swap seeds, I have grow Nirvana seeds before so I know you have quality products. But several of my friends were complaining that they could not get these to pop. I simply placed a seed in a peet puck buried it 2 inches deep in a 4 inch pot and kept it in a enclosed heated germination tray at 85 degrees. within 4 days I had a sprout above the soil. Friends who had theirs in soil for up to a week put theirs on heating pads and within days theirs also sprouted. Peace Mike

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