Aurora Indica Feminized

Aurora Indica Feminized


5 Seeds per pack

Predominantly Indica

Indoor as well as Outdoor

400 - 500 g/m² in SOG

7 - 9 weeks

Aurora Indica Feminized
  • Potent F1 Indica hybrid.
  • Dense buds with lots of resin.
  • Couchlock stone.

Dense buds covered in loads of resin.
Potent F1 Indica hybrid.
Couch-lock stone. 
This one will knock your socks off

Aurora Indica is an F1 hybrid of Afghan and Northern Light. Its plants stay short, producing heavy colas and dense buds. This marijuana strain produces exceptional amounts of resin, resulting in a deep, near-black hash with a tasty aroma and a heavy buzz. This probably is our most potent Indica.

GeneticsAfghani x Northern Lights
Plant TypePredominantly Indica
CultivationIndoor as well as Outdoor
Plant HeightShort
Average Yield400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period7 - 9 weeks
Seeds per pack5
Effect+Relaxed Happy Euphoric
Flavor+Earthy Pungent Spicy/Herbal
Medical+Pain Insomnia Stress
Medical UseYes

Reviews of Aurora Indica Feminized

10 July 2016

Ive got one going. Its only a few weeks strong, but its got me excited because the leaves are strange looking, doubled up with extra fingers? Im newer at growing, long time smoker. Got a tent of many strains using cfl and led bulbs. This one has got different characteristics than the others. Maybe its the pheno. Ill update when it ages.

10 July 2016

Popped 2 fems outta 5 and saved the other 3 and got 2 amazing phenos both delicious and keepers 4 sure. They vegged super fast veg em out a little longer and you will get a huge yield. Nirvana completely undersells this strain. The smell on #1 is like a lavender with a slight touch of skunk which i let go for 9 weeks and some change could have went 10. But this #2 pheno is just amaaaazzzing!!! Smells like wine/teaberry gum/canoloupe. It is so finished so fast at just 7 weeks exactly. Slow dry this baby for at least 7 to 10 days on the branch. it is unbelievable. 4 all u (indica lovers) I find even as I'm writing this now I am catching myself with my mouth hanging wiiiide open, very good high very medicinal.Ive been smoking on them for weeks now and it still gets me ripped!! BUY THIS STRAIN AND GET YOUR KEEPERS!

09 July 2016

WOW. 1st ever plant with TONS of "how to grow" research done. Soaked seed and it sank in 5hrs.(from what I've seen that would be good) Let it soak for another 5hrs(since I was scared of damaging the root) and stuck her into FoxFarm light warrior starter mixed with 1 pkt of root xtender(also from Nirvana).
So I am freaking out almost every moment as this is my 1st grow. Did I soak long enough? Is my soil too wet or too dry. Air temp is ok(I think).... good grief I just don't know, so I was just ready for a couple weeks of stressful waiting.

WOW... just past 72hrs after planting, I had a little sprout. It is now 6hrs later and I have my 1st "true" leaves popping. I am beyond happy and supper impressed with the seeds I received from Nirvana. My wife said "what are those supper seeds or something"? I just grinned. By the speed and health I would presume these are really quality seeds.

1st order + 1st seed already happily growing = new lifelong Nirvana customer.

Aurora Indica Feminized

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5 Seeds per pack
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