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  • AK48 Feminized

AK48 Feminized

  • Popular, strong, early finishing strain.
  • Hard buds, exceptional aroma.
  • Indica / Sativa hybrid producing a Sativa high.

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€ 25,00

5 Seeds


AK marijuana strains have been gaining popularity steadily since the mid-1990s. Our AK48 is one of the strongest early-finishing marijuana strains available anywhere. AK48 plants produce hard buds with an exceptional and penetrating aroma. The effect tends toward the 'high' commonly produced by Sativas. Although most marijuana growers will opt for a longer vegetative period to improve taste, under perfect conditions, AK48 may finish in as few as 48 days.

For background info, reviews, pictures and videos, also visit AK48.com!


Plant TypeHybrid
Plant HeightMedium
EffectHigh (Head Trip, Cerebral Effect)
FlavorSweet, Smooth
Average Yield400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period7 - 9 weeks
White StrainYes
Medical UseNo
Seeds per pack5


I ordered 5 ak48s from nirvana. All 5 have sprouted and after 1 day are 2" tall. Really fast delivery and great stealth. Nirvana is my forever seed supplier!



So far im growing two of these things and I did attempt to grow some of the mystery seeds. But I just want to let people know how great these plants really. I'm 2 months into growing these things and they're doing fantastic. I live in a climate where it hits up to 110 degrees and these guys have been acting like its nothing. So for you guys who worry about keeping your temperature down, these will handle.

Unfortunately most of random seeds have died from the heat, but it really speaks wonders about the durability of these. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for you summer growers in hot climates. I'll buying these every summer. Thanks Nirvana! Ill update you guys on the final products.


Germination problems but overall great

The biggest problem is that of the 5 seeds I got, only 2 properly germinated. Two failed to sprout any tap roots, and one failed to break through the surface of the soil.
Even with that, the results from the 2 successful seeds make me give this 4/5 stars. 400w got 1.6oz per plant after 7 weeks flowering.


Yeilds 5 to 7 oz. per plant

I met a guy who told he did the following:

He used 10 gallon (42 liter) felt grow bags, filled with Foxfarm Ocean Forest potting soil. He kept the bags a few inches in the air by placing pieces of wood underneath. He said it allowed the bags to breathe like they are supposed to.

During the indoor "season", he only added only mychorrhizae (beneficial bacteria for the root system) twice.
He only added bloom fertilizer once, early in the flowering period.

He said he had to tie them back, as they grew about 60 inches tall. He did not prune the plants.

He grew these under a 1000w HPS and yielded 5 to 7 ounces of trimmed dried bud, from each plant.

He also said they can get damaged from mold, so keep an eye on those buds if they get wet.

He said AK-48 received many compliments and was often sought by those whose sampled it.

That is all he said.


great product

I have ordered this three times it is a great performer , i had 11 1/2 " fruit on one " nice "


bonne plante pour outdoor en France

C'est une plante qui pousse assez facilement. j'ai récolter fin septembre début octobre. avec un peu moins de 200gr par plantes. C’était ma première culture et en guérilla.
C'est possible de faire +


Great Delivery

The delivery flows much better as expected, stealthy with no problem and delivered in 3 days. Starting to germinate to move forward.



Great seeds got them two days ago ann already germed an potted great job nirvana


I love it

Indoors, grow tent, passive hydro/hydroton in reservoir, Advanced Nutrients, two 90w led ufo's(red and blue dominant). I cut at least 3, if not 4 branches early, quick dried at least an 1/8 whilshe dried, and STILL had 30g to put in jars. Best yield for me yet of anything, from anywhere! Oh, and she stones l out of you too!


Grow Review

I've experimented growing with a 96W UFO LED light for the first time, and chose this strain because it has a reputation for being relatively easy. It proved a good pick. This strain grows very fast (it was already at its third node within eleven days after having been planted), and provided no setbacks during its vegetative / flowering periods. Topped and trained it, to make the most of my small growing space.
Yield: just over 20g, but I'm still a beginner, so doubtlessly conditions were far from ideal, and it probably could have yielded more. (Not to mention that I'd used LEDs instead of HPS, which I'm given to believe played a part as well).
Fragrance: smells like the fat guy who sits next to you on the subway. Shame I didn't know why he smells like that up until now, will definitely make conversation next time I see him. :)
Flavor: wonderful! Sweet and fruity.
Effect: High, but not entirely as advertised. While there's no denying the sativa quality this strain has, it can also get you heavily couchlocked.
That's it. Thanks for reading, and hope it's been helpful.
Peace & Love.

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AK48 Feminized

AK48 Feminized

  • Popular, strong, early finishing strain.
  • Hard buds, exceptional aroma.
  • Indica / Sativa hybrid producing a Sativa high.

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How To Grow AK48 Feminized

1. Germination

Cover your AK48 Feminized seeds with a maximum of ¼ inch of soil. Keep the soil damp. Now wait for the seedlings to pop up. For best germination rate, use our Propagator Pro to create the optimum germination conditions, and our Germination Kit to protect your seeds from harmful influences and to stimulate the germination process.

2. Vegetative Stage

To stimulate growth, it is important to accommodate your AK48 Feminized seedlings with at least 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness every day. If your climate is suitable, you can choose to replant your AK48 Feminized seedlings outdoors. If not, buy yourself some good grow lights and replant your seedlings indoors. Use our Root Xtender for a vigorous and strong root growth, and Root Pouches for a better protection of the roots. Many of our customers use Soiltabs to give their AK48 Feminized seeds optimum slow releasing nutrients for the duration of the vegetative stage.

3. Flowering Stage

When growing outdoors, your AK48 Feminized plants will start flowering as days get shorter and autumn sets in. Indoors, switch your light cycle over to the flowering cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, when your AK48 Feminized plants are about half the size desired and then force them to start flowering. Autoflower strains will start flowering automatically, cutting a lot of time from your vegetative stage. Instead of just growing leaves, your plants are also flowering now. For best nutrient solution during the flowering stage, buy yourself some Flowertabs that is specifically formulated to supply slow releasing nutrients for the duration of the flowering stage.

4. Hang to Dry

After harvesting, let your AK48 Feminized buds hang to dry for a minimum of 10 days in a dark and enclosed, but ventilated space until the branches crack when you bend them. How long this takes depends on your climate and atmospheric humidity. Then cut the buds, trim the leaves and store the buds in mason jars. Open the jars 2 to 3 times a day for about 15 minutes to prevent mold growth. Stick labels on the jars to remind you of what’s inside.