Aurora Indica Regular

  • Potent F1 Indica hybrid.
  • Dense buds with lots of resin.
  • Couchlock stone.

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Nirvana Aurora Indica is an F1 hybrid of Afghan and Northern Light. Its plants stay short, producing heavy colas and dense buds. This cannabis strain produces exceptional amounts of resin, resulting in a deep, near-black hash with a tasty aroma and a heavy buzz. Aurora Indica probably is our most potent Indica.


Plant TypePredominantly Indica
CultivationIndoor as well as Outdoor
Plant HeightShort
EffectStoned (Body Buzz, Relaxing Effect)
FlavorFruity, Herbal
Average Yield400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period7 - 9 weeks
White StrainNo
Medical UseYes

How To Grow Aurora Indica Regular

1. Germination

Cover your Aurora Indica Regular seeds with a maximum of ¼ inch of soil. Keep the soil damp. Now wait for the seedlings to pop up. For best germination rate, use our Propagator Pro to create the optimum germination conditions, and our Germination Kit to protect your seeds from harmful influences and to stimulate the germination process.

2. Vegetative Stage

To stimulate growth, it is important to accommodate your Aurora Indica Regular seedlings with at least 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness every day. If your climate is suitable, you can choose to replant your Aurora Indica Regular seedlings outdoors. If not, buy yourself some good grow lights and replant your seedlings indoors. Use our Root Xtender for a vigorous and strong root growth, and Root Pouches for a better protection of the roots. Many of our customers use Soiltabs to give their Aurora Indica Regular seeds optimum slow releasing nutrients for the duration of the vegetative stage.

3. Flowering Stage

When growing outdoors, your Aurora Indica Regular plants will start flowering as days get shorter and autumn sets in. Indoors, switch your light cycle over to the flowering cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, when your Aurora Indica Regular plants are about half the size desired and then force them to start flowering. Autoflower strains will start flowering automatically, cutting a lot of time from your vegetative stage. Instead of just growing leaves, your plants are also flowering now. For best nutrient solution during the flowering stage, buy yourself some Flowertabs that is specifically formulated to supply slow releasing nutrients for the duration of the flowering stage.

4. Hang to Dry

After harvesting, let your Aurora Indica Regular buds hang to dry for a minimum of 10 days in a dark and enclosed, but ventilated space until the branches crack when you bend them. How long this takes depends on your climate and atmospheric humidity. Then cut the buds, trim the leaves and store the buds in mason jars. Open the jars 2 to 3 times a day for about 15 minutes to prevent mold growth. Stick labels on the jars to remind you of what’s inside.

clifton s 2015-01-05

looking good

Had Nephew order seeds for me. Have gurilla grown for past 35 years. first indoor grow. but vegged 3 weeks under 2 400w hps now two weeks into flower looking lovely, already got my order placed for next grow. will let ya know at harvest what it looks like.

Robert I 2014-12-12


I just got my beans today!!! Yes! They were sent out on 11/30 and i just got them 12/11 Super fast Thanks! You guys rock!Put 2 of the auroras straight to soil and i planted 2 papayas the same way. ill report more when they pop the out of the ground. there indoors under 2 sunblaze 44s for veg. time then they go under a 1000 watt HPS eye bulb!should kick some real butt. Lots of yummy frosty big buds!!!!

Allen R 2014-10-21


Five day delivery to northern Florida! This grow experience is starting off with a bang!

William P 2014-07-26


This company is great. Quick delivery, five out of five sprouted and are doing super. Can't wait until I can smoke my own personal grow. Will review again as grow goes on.

Steven S 2014-03-16


Excellent strain, just beware it likes to stretch! Put into flower at 12" It stretched to 7FT.

Jamie B 2014-02-25

Simply the best

This has become my favorite high to date. I now only grow this plus Urban Poison, which is a real head and body blast. I disagree that it produces couch lock, and find it to be exceptionally social with great pain relief, much more cerebral than physical. Highly recommended. I love this stuff!

Joshua T 2014-01-31

The Ganja General

Overall a very good strain,nice strong relaxing balanced high,not couch lock,kind of expansive,good for pain and anxiety. I highly recommend it for breeding projects.

William M 2014-01-29

12 days

12 days to get here awesome can't wait to see what happens

Gary M 2013-11-27


If ordering these beware that they do seem to grow quite large.I vegged 6 weeks(should have stopped at 4 weeks)until 18" and flowered.These things took off like crazy,had to LST,top,and tie these down.So if your limited on space.Flower early,around 4 weeks.No harvest yet,but it's gonna be a awesome large harvest.Peace.

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Aurora Indica Regular

Aurora Indica Regular

  • Potent F1 Indica hybrid.
  • Dense buds with lots of resin.
  • Couchlock stone.

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