NY Power Diesel Regular

  • F1 hybrid of Sativa Mexicana and Aurora Indica.
  • Shockingly powerful terpenoids.
  • Lemony flavor and diesel-like aroma.
  • Surprisingly tight bud structure.

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A sensational and radical new marijuana mix, NYPD (New York Power Diesel) is an F1 hybrid of our former Sativa Mexicana seeds and a specially stabilized Aurora Indica. The latter's heavy, greasy narcotic buzz beautifully takes the edge off the crispness and speedy effect of the former. NYPD's shockingly powerful terpenoids result in a marijuana with a lemony flavor and the diesel-like aroma that inspired its name. Its plants grow tall stems with a surprisingly tight bud structure. The amount of dry marijuana these seeds produce is not overwhelming, but definitely still worthwhile!


Plant TypePredominantly Sativa
Plant HeightTall
EffectHigh (Head Trip, Cerebral Effect)
FlavorFruity, Fuel
Average Yield400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period9 - 11 weeks
White StrainYes
Medical UseYes

How To Grow NY Power Diesel Regular

1. Germination

Cover your NY Power Diesel Regular seeds with a maximum of ¼ inch of soil. Keep the soil damp. Now wait for the seedlings to pop up. For best germination rate, use our Propagator Pro to create the optimum germination conditions, and our Germination Kit to protect your seeds from harmful influences and to stimulate the germination process.

2. Vegetative Stage

To stimulate growth, it is important to accommodate your NY Power Diesel Regular seedlings with at least 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness every day. If your climate is suitable, you can choose to replant your NY Power Diesel Regular seedlings outdoors. If not, buy yourself some good grow lights and replant your seedlings indoors. Use our Root Xtender for a vigorous and strong root growth, and Root Pouches for a better protection of the roots. Many of our customers use Soiltabs to give their NY Power Diesel Regular seeds optimum slow releasing nutrients for the duration of the vegetative stage.

3. Flowering Stage

When growing outdoors, your NY Power Diesel Regular plants will start flowering as days get shorter and autumn sets in. Indoors, switch your light cycle over to the flowering cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, when your NY Power Diesel Regular plants are about half the size desired and then force them to start flowering. Autoflower strains will start flowering automatically, cutting a lot of time from your vegetative stage. Instead of just growing leaves, your plants are also flowering now. For best nutrient solution during the flowering stage, buy yourself some Flowertabs that is specifically formulated to supply slow releasing nutrients for the duration of the flowering stage.

4. Hang to Dry

After harvesting, let your NY Power Diesel Regular buds hang to dry for a minimum of 10 days in a dark and enclosed, but ventilated space until the branches crack when you bend them. How long this takes depends on your climate and atmospheric humidity. Then cut the buds, trim the leaves and store the buds in mason jars. Open the jars 2 to 3 times a day for about 15 minutes to prevent mold growth. Stick labels on the jars to remind you of what’s inside.

Hank F 2014-09-03

Buddy Crabtree

I've grown many of Nirvana's strains & have to say that NYPD is my favorite, my second is Blackjack...Excellent seed stock. The Super Skunk is very good also....my next couple to try are aurora indica & Ice...can't wait to taste the fruits of my labor. Thanks to Nirvana. Wow!

Steve C 2013-11-16


Rock hard buds nice and firm. Not the usual smell I'm used to.nice though. Fast delivery. All seeds sprouted and 7/10 fems

Jan L 2013-09-17

Fast delivery, unsurpassed customer service, reliable genetics

As a first time customer (and now lifetime loyal customer) of Nirvana, I was extremely hesitant about ordering. Let me put this to rest by saying I was more than satisfied with their seed quality but much more impressed with their customer service. You read horror stories on the internet about EVERY seed company: bad genetics, poor germination rates, seed confiscation, etc. I have been growing and ordering from the internet for more 5 years now; never have I seen such a speedy delivery (seeds arrived 12 days after ordering to north east US). There was a very minor hic-up that that is too insignificant to go into detail about. However, being the perfectionist that they are, Nirvana's support team went out of their way to ensure I was completely satisfied (AJ thank you again). I wont mentioned how the seeds were shipped, but you can rest assured that it is stealthy, discreet, and secure. Because of my lengthy science background, I have endless amounts of data from other strains from other companies and cannot wait to test this strain for THC, CBD, and CBN levels. I will also report NMR terpene composition for fellow organic chemist nerds like me.

What I know so far:
As for the strain, first seed of NYPD germinated in 31 hours in 500ml of sterile distilled H2O (pH6.5) with a constant temperature 84F monitored under timelapsed photography. After transplant, seedling erupted from sterile soil and has grown at a tremendous rate in comparison to seeds I have received from other banks. I wont bore you with numbers or go into the detail of the grow set up, but this much growth after 6 day has shocked me. I will post my results and set up in detail at a later date. (I ordered two more strains today to compare after receiving great customer service and fast responses to my questions and concerns) My current goal is obtain every strain they have available.

Mac H 2013-06-20


6 out of 10 female. Tall & smell like sour diesel.

Mac H 2013-03-22


Fast shipping, 7 days. Bought these as a weekend whopper, did not germinate put seeds 2 inches below the dirt all 10 are purple & alive

Robert S 2013-01-26

knock out

love the smell ( not sure bout neighbors )easy to grow for me, couch lock high for me, i mainly use for cooking and gifts to friends, they a love it

Melvin J 2012-11-28

The real deal

I got a couple of friends who ordered seeds from nirvana 3 different times and all 3 orders came through quickly and outta 40 seeds total 39 sprouted . My friend ordered nypd just recently and I traded him 7 blue cheese seeds for seven of nirvanas nypds and all 7 have sprouted and they look really good and healthy. They only 6" tall now and I cant wait till they are done ! I have to say that nirvana seeds is the only place that everyone should order from ! It only took 7 days to get to the carolinas . I was sceptical about ordering seeds from a seed bank because BC bud depot ripped us off but nirvana will definately have my buisness ! Nirvana is #1 garanteed ! I recommend nirvana seed to everybody ! Thanks nirvana ! you the best !

Peter B 2012-11-19

Monster of a plant

Nice buds,all nice and big,,and firm and smell great when you break them up,good to smoke,in the bag it looks great,good strain to grow outdoors,,these can get real tall and fill out where you get a real large yeaild,,this strain is best to let it go alittle longer for more of the thi's to turn to amber,flowering time I used was 10,,,,,,,give or take a 1week,,,no more,,no less.plant loves nutes. Good strain. Money maker.

Peter B 2012-01-23

Popped real fast and strong

I got the NYPD with a few different strains. I put 10 seeds in a shot glass of rain water for 24 hours. The I put each seed in it's own little pot with soil. Everone of the seeds(10) sprouted,and very strong also. I can tell this strain is going to be what I need for my pain. And will grow very well. I will buy some more of these NYPD,very soon. Hats off to Nirvana! Thank you so much for my meds.

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NY Power Diesel Regular

NY Power Diesel Regular

  • F1 hybrid of Sativa Mexicana and Aurora Indica.
  • Shockingly powerful terpenoids.
  • Lemony flavor and diesel-like aroma.
  • Surprisingly tight bud structure.

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