Paquete Oferta Doctor Doctor

Doctor Doctor Package deal

Raspberry Cough Feminizada

Blackjack Feminizada

Ultimate Grow Kit

Doctor Doctor Package deal

Raspberry Cough feminizada (5 semillas) + BlackJack feminizada (5 semillas) + Ultimate Grow Kit

El Paquete Oferta Doctor Doctor es la mejor forma de mantener a éste alejado. Este estupendo paquete oferta te permite probar dos cepas de Nirvana Shop sin ningún incoveniente. Viene con las semillas y todo lo necesario para asegurarte de que germinen y crezcan. Los paquetes oferta son eficaces, fáciles de usar y, sobre todo, muy económicos!

Reviews of Paquete Oferta Doctor Doctor

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
30 Oct. 2015

Muito bom..recomendo! Obrigado Nirvana

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
15 Dic. 2010

Only took 7 days to arrive and i love the added bonus. Haven't had that ******* since I was a kid living in Holland. Can't get it here. guess I'll keep ordering just to keep me supplied in a childhood treat HAHA! We are having Kush Con this weekend so I'll have lots of experts to help me start my first ever grow. Thanks Nirvana!

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
05 Ago. 2010

Thank Nirvana for the speedy shipping I recently ordered the doctor package the raspberry cough is pretty good it came out two different ways some had a dutch tast and some a raspberry booth ways where good and i have one growing that looks like a combo of the both i cant wate for that one becouse i love that dutch taste takes 7-10 weeks under 1000watt .The black jack on the other hand needs some work 1 out of my 4 so far have ben black jack where you could take a hit and say black jack the other 3 dont know what thay are just taste like fruits still have 1 to go hope it makes me say black jack so i ordered northren lites next and thay have 4 week to rock so youll here from me again thanks 99% germ on fem seeds sweet good job

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