Blackberry Feminizada

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5 Seeds per pack



400 - 500 g/m² en SOG

9 - 11 semanas

Blackberry feminizada (5 semillas)

La madre de la Blackberry, Black Domino, es un clon traído a los Países Bajos desde Seattle. Su padre es la mismísima Raspberry Cough de Nirvana. Este híbrido conserva la espesa estructura de las hojas de la Domino. El humo de la Blackberry es denso y pesado, con un toque de sabores Sativa asiáticos. La producción es muy buena para una variedad con tantas atractivas características.

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Genetics Black Domina x Raspberry Cough
Tipo de Planta Híbrido
Cultivo Interior
Altura de la Planta Media
Producción Media 400 - 500 g/m² en SOG
Período de Floración 9 - 11 semanas
Seeds per pack 5
THC Medium
CBD High
Effect Relaxed Happy Euphoric
Flavor2 Berry Sweet Earthy
Medical+ Pain Stress Depression
Uso Medicinal Si

Reviews of Blackberry Feminizada

25 Reviews Write a review
28 Ene. 2016

One of my first grows. Unbelievable flavor with a dark berry tone.

24 Sept. 2015

So I got these seeds like 9 months ago thinking I would set up a indoor grow. I put in a 3 gallon pot with some cheap soil to get them started. Then it happened I got the dream job and I couldn't take them with me. So by this time spring was going,and it broke my heart but I had to leave them in the care of someone who would have issues with hot lights fans and all. So I put them outside, I'd stop in once a monrh increase pot size more soil. Now here it is near the beginning of October and holy smokes they we're cropped. Because I didn't want them to tall. Now I'm looking at a bush with 12 colas bigger then my arm on one plant, that's Like 60 arm size colas. I know it says indoor only,but these girls did outstanding in the south west desert climate. I mean what am I going to do with all this.. Believe me this is the best problem ever.

20 Sept. 2015

I have had unfortunate affairs with my grow because of my personel issues, so I cant comment on potent and yield, but about 15 grams I took from a very strong plant which survived a lot was the best high: celebral, energetic and relaxing. Tastes good too. Great for movies and some good old TV. One more thing, I have read in comments that FIM method havent worked well for this strain and I have to agree by experience. Looking forward my next blackberry grow with better preparation and luck. Thanks Nirvana for great service, and for this great strain.

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