Blackberry Feminizada

  • Híbrido Black Domino / Raspberry Cough.
  • Hojas compactas.
  • Humo denso y espeso con sutiles sabores Sativas asiáticas.
  • Abundante cosecha de excelente marihuana.

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Al comprar este producto puede obtener hasta 150 Puntos Nirvana. El total de tu carrito es de 150 puntos por valor de € 1,50.

€ 30,00

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La madre de la Blackberry, Black Domino, es un clon traído a los Países Bajos desde Seattle. Su padre es la mismísima Raspberry Cough de Nirvana. Este híbrido conserva la espesa estructura de las hojas de la Domino. El humo de la Blackberry es denso y pesado, con un toque de sabores Sativa asiáticos. La producción es muy buena para una variedad con tantas atractivas características.

Ficha técnica

Tipo de PlantaHíbrido
Altura de la PlantaMedia
EfectoSubidón (Embriaguez) y colocón (Corporal)
SaborPenetrante, Afrutado
Producción Media400 - 500 g/m² en SOG
Período de Floración9 - 11 semanas
White StrainSi
Uso MedicinalSi

Cómo Cultivar Blackberry Feminizada

1. Germinación

Cubre las semillas Blackberry Feminizada con una capa de tierra de un grosor máximo de 6mm. Mantén el suelo húmedo y espera a que salgan los plantones. Para conseguir una mejor tasa de germinación, utiliza nuestro Propagator Pro, que crea las condiciones perfectas para la germinación, y el Germination Kit para proteger a las semillas de influencias dañinas y estimular el proceso de germinación.

2. Fase Vegetativa

Para estimular el crecimiento de los plantones de Blackberry Feminizada, es muy importante proporcionarles al menos 18 horas de luz y 6 de oscuridad todos los días. Si el clima de la zona donde vives es el adecuado, puedes replantar los plantones de Blackberry Feminizada en el exterior. De lo contrario, consigue unas buenas lámparas de cultivo y replántalos en el interior. Usa nuestro Root Xtender para conseguir un crecimiento fuerte y vigoroso de la raíz, y Root Pouches para una mejor protección de ésta. Muchos de nuestros clientes utilizan Soiltabs para que sus semillas Blackberry Feminizada obtengan una óptima y paulatina liberación de nutrientes durante todo el periodo vegetativo.

3. Periodo de Floración

Si las cultivas en el exterior, tus plantas Blackberry Feminizada comenzarán a florecer a medida que los días se hacen más cortos y llega el otoño. En el interior, deberás cambiar el ciclo de iluminación al de floración, de 12 horas de luz y 12 de oscuridad, cuando las plantas Blackberry Feminizada tengan la mitad del tamaño deseado, obligándolas así a empezar a florecer. Las cepas autoflorecientes comenzarán a florecer de manera automática, y ahorrarán mucho tiempo de fase vegetativa. En lugar de desarrollar solamente hojas, ahora también florecerán. Para proporcionarles la mejor solución de nutrientes durante el periodo de floración, hazte con unas Flowertabs, que están especialmente formuladas para proporcionar una liberación paulatina de los nutrientes durante todo del periodo de floración.

4. Colgar para Secar

Una vez cosechados, cuelga los brotes de Blackberry Feminizada durante 10 días como mínimo, en un lugar oscuro y cerrado, pero ventilado, hasta que las ramas se quiebren al doblarlas. Lo que tarden a hacerlo dependerá del clima y de la humedad ambiental de la zona en la que vives. A continuación, corta los brotes, recorta las hojas, y guárdalos en un frasco de conserva. Abre el recipiente 2 o 3 veces al día durante 15 minutos para evitar que se forme moho. Coloca una etiqueta en el frasco para acordarte de qué contiene.

Dan S 2014-12-06

Huge Dense Buds

I have grown NYPD, Master Kush, Bubblelicious, and several different freebie strains from Nirvana over the past 2 years and Blackberry is by far the best so far. I germinated 3 seeds by soaking in water for 12 hours, then planted in peat plugs, in a humidity dome, on a heat mat, under a 75 watt LED bulb. Within 30 hours they were above ground and on their way. After 10 days in the dome, I transplanted them into 3 gallon pots with a 75% coco / 25% perlite mix. Vegged under 200 watt floros for 3 weeks and then switched to 12/12 under (2) 600 watt HPS lamps for 9 weeks. Trics were 10% amber at day 64.

All 3 plants were very similar, fat leaves, about 2.5 feet tall, with 8 main colas after a single topping at the 4th node. The buds were super frosty and as dense as I've ever seen. In my opinion, if these were allowed an 8 week veg, they would easily produce 6-8oz per plant.

I used a combo of brewed compost tea and General hydroponics Nova line. They loved the nutrients and showed no signs of stress or deficiency. They did seem to need a little extra Nitrogen in flower because they began to yellow out in week 5 of flower. I usually don't see this happen until week 7 or 8 in prior grows.

Valda A 2014-11-15


This was my last grow under CFL. Average yield but incredible potent and strong. Energizer, you brighter colours, sharp hearing, head worked like Einstein, loong high, therefore I called this strain - limitless. I recommend for cinema watching or do some math work.
In some point I expected better taste and arome.
Effects might be scary for weekend smokers.

Ali G 2014-05-15


4 weeks into flowering, so far looking good. Plants are healthy, smells great. Can't wait to see the end product.

Zach T 2014-04-16

Very Nice

This strain put up with my crap and came it beautiful. This was my test run so I only grew one out of the 5 to get a feel for her of course the one seed I germed sprouted like a champ I only vegged for 30 days and she was frostie as hell at 6 weeks of flowering. I pulled her at 12 weeks judging by the trichs not just picking a set date. The buds are covered in crystals head to toe. It doesnt even smell skunky more like an earthy berry scent which is lovely. I cured her for three weeks and she does have a hint of berry taste but like i said before it tastes of quality more than anything. I dont smoke everyday more of a weekend warrior and two puffs puts me a little higher than is kosher for me ( giggle fits and what have you) but the hard edge wears off within an hour or so and I stay at a comfortable level for a good two, or three hours before I start to get tired and take a little siesta. This is probably one of the best strains on the seed bank market period I will play around with other nirvana strains that i haven't tried just for fun but will always know that my heart is with the blackberry.

Irvin J 2013-12-16

Another Nirvana Great One

I ordered Nirvana Blackberry among other seeds from the Attitude. My space only allows for two plants at a time. I grew Blackberry along with a "Cannabis Cup" winner from another company. I tried topping with Uncle Ben's method for the first time with both plants, and nearly killed both. I now realize you have to use less water when you top, because the remaining smaller plant will consume less. Each plant was overwatered, which affected the yield as noted above. I will say that Nirvana's BlackBerry finished faster, tastier, and stronger than the so called cup winner. That's why it's already gone, and I'm still waiting to finish the harvest for the "cup winner". Nirvana's genetics are consistent. They are the first company I ordered from, and will betthe last. Don't believe the hype! Don't pay more for overrated strains. Nirvana all the way!!

John O 2013-10-26

Ya Blackberry

This strain is awesome. Smooth berry cough flavor to end of vape (15 hits in solo). High is sativa underlying indica. Long lasting. Very tall plant; had to tie down. 3 gal soil +little bit foxfarm nutes; Cha Ching last 2 weeks. Sticky buds. Veg: 7 wks. Flower: 10-11 wks. Havested 1/2 oz 8 wks flower; vapeing it now. Long lasting up high-Great Job Guys!!!!!!!

Jazmine m 2013-08-25

great taste

this is my very favorite on on here clones good and the taste is so sweet and the smell I just want to put it in my nose

Rolando L 2013-08-07

Amazing product

Very nice quality strain. Ive got some really nice results

Jeremy I 2013-07-08

Berry good

at first i was disappointed nirvana didnt have blueberry. Then i tried this. great strain. my new favorite berry strain

John A 2013-05-07


I found this bud to be very potent and be extremely resinous, the feminized seeds are definately a good choice, dont have to worry about killing the males.

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Blackberry Feminizada

Blackberry Feminizada

  • Híbrido Black Domino / Raspberry Cough.
  • Hojas compactas.
  • Humo denso y espeso con sutiles sabores Sativas asiáticas.
  • Abundante cosecha de excelente marihuana.

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