Supreme CBD Lemon OG Itsekukkiva

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Supreme CBD Lemon OG Autoflower fem.


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Pääosin Sativa


325 - 425 g/m² SOG:ssa

11 - 12 Weeks

Supreme CBD Lemon OG Autoflower fem.
  • Genetics: Lemon OG haze x CBD (The Supreme)
  • Flowering: 75-85 days (11-12 weeks)
  • Height: 80-130 cm
  • Yield: 300-400 gr/m2
  • outdoor: 60-110 gr/plant
  • Indica/Sativa 60/40

We put in play our most valuable player, the stabilized CBD-rich father we lovingly call the Supreme, and crossbred it with our top selling Lemon OG Haze Automatic, the new auto of 2015. We thankfully managed to preserve the lovely flavor and high of this new CBD auto flowering strain.  Her total flowering process is roughly 11-12 weeks.

Good news upon more good news, the Supreme CBD lemon OG automatic has a near perfect 1:1 ratio with a 5.8% CBD and 5.4% THC. Good times for all!

The overall feeling is a combination of a racing sensation from the Haze strain with a mild body stone that comes from the Northern Lights automatic genes of the Lemon OG Haze automatic. The aroma of fresh squeezed lemon with a hint of pine will tickle your nostrils and flirt with your taste buds.

GeneticsLemon OG haze AUTO X CBD The Supreme
KasvityyppiPääosin Sativa
Kasvin korkeusMatala
Vaikutus+Pilvi (Head Trip) mutta juminen (Kehossa Tuntuva)
Maku+Hedelmäinen, Pehmeä
Keskimääräinen Tuotto325 - 425 g/m² SOG:ssa
Kukkimisaika11 - 12 Weeks
VaikutusEuphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy
MakuPine, Lemon, And
MedicalStress, Depression, Insomnia

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Supreme CBD Lemon OG Itsekukkiva

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