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Lithium OG Kush Femelle


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Lithium OG Kush Femelle 5× Féminisée Marijuana Graines
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Lithium OG Kush Femelle

The specs


About Lithium OG Kush Femelle

The name Lithium OG Kush is a tribute to our namesake; a epic band from Seattle. Moreover, the OG Kush is well-know amongst medical users for its anti-depressive and anti-anxiolotic properties. We seeked and found an a truly spectacular OG Kush mother and crossed her with one of our stable Master Kush dads that we thought would combine well because of the Hindu Kush genes both OG Kush and master kush share. It’s a potentially high THC strain, yet has little CBD content.

She is a densely bushy strain and big clusters of flowers. Fimming and pruning is advised. The buds have a light green coloration and are covered in trichomes. Flowering is fast and vigorous, the trichomes will be milky in around 8 to 9 weeks so ready for harvest.  

The aroma and taste really reminds me of the Sour Diesel in the sense it is quite lemony at first but then opens up a distinct fruity, grapefruit aroma with a lingering diesel smell.

It brings a highly euphoric and uplifting high explaining its anti-depressive and anti-anxiolotic properties.

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GénétiquesOG Kush x Master Kush
Type de plantePrincipalement Indica
CultivationIntérieure et Extérieure
Récolte Moyenne450 - 550 g/m² en SOG
Période de floraison8 - 10 semaines
Grow DifficultyMedium

Customer experience

Smoke Effects

  • Heureux
  • Euphorique
  • Édifiant


  • Terreux
  • Agrumes
  • Diesel

Medical properties

  • Anxiété
  • Dépression

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très positif (9 Avis Clients)
9 producteurs recommandent ce semences

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