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About Rolling Paper with Tips

The Nirvana team set out to create the perfect smoking experience. A wild quest that led us to travelling across the globe leaving no stone unturned. The result: Nirvana’s Natural Unbleached Rolling Paper and Tips. Good for 32 Nirvana experiences.

For a perfect roll you need perfect tipping paper. We learned that for the tipping paper to perform best, it needs to be made from fiber – not just boiled cellulose. So naturally each package contains 32 Nirvana tips. Each long-fiber-based tip has enough structural rigidity to both keep its shape in your mouth AND to not dissolve. Not to forget, these tips roll smooth!

To attain a pure experience, Nirvana’s unbleached rolling papers are made of a hybrid blend of natural fibers. This gives them a translucent natural light brown color. These fibers make the rolling papers so thin that you can see the herbs right through it. Not only does it look absolutely amazing, but these thin fibers allow the smoker to taste the herbs too. Not just rolling paper.

To realize our vision we had to travel to an old paper mill in Northern China. One that uses an original Fourdrinier paper machine. Modern paper machines use small-structure cellulose to make paper. Original paper mills use fibers instead. So we were extremely lucky to find this old mill. It is the only machine in the world that can produce the Nirvana rolling paper and tips to our exact specifications.

Enjoy your favorite smoke in its purest Nirvana!

Rolling Paper with Tips
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Reviews of Rolling Paper with Tips

Very Positive (1 review)
1 growers recommend this

Wayne B.


Pretty good papers, I'm a original sized white Zig Zag paper user & these Nirvana papers are really good.. I'm not into cigar blunts & these Nirvana papers bring out the flavor of the product really good.. Would probably be tasty with some flavourful meds.. Mango Skunk or Lemon OG Haze... Get your Nirvana papers today....

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