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Any cannabis grower worth his salt knows how vulnerable young marijuana plants can be, and will want to lavish care and attention on them. That's why we've invented a revolutionary new aid for cannabis cultivation: Soiltabs! These 100% organic tabs will ensure that your marijuana plants get the best possible start. For even better results, also consider our Germination Kit.

One packet of Soiltabs contains 10 tablets

Characteristics of Soiltabs

Soiltabs provide a constant supply of nutrients to your seedlings and cuttings in the first six weeks of growth, which helps them develop into strapping, vigorous plants. A choice blend of bacteria and humic acids stabilizes the soil's pH value, creating an ideal hatchery for your delicate seedlings. These tablets have a nitrogen-phosphate-potassium ratio of 14-6-6, suitable for improving any type of soil. 

Top 5 reasons to use Soiltabs

  1. Soiltabs stimulate and speed up new root growth.
  2. Soiltabs will not damage or scorch roots.
  3. Soiltabs infuse plants with fortitude and vitality.
  4. Soiltabs are easy to use.
  5. Soiltabs are made from 100% organic ingredients.
Soiltab Nutrients

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★★★★★15 reviews

By Paul G. posted on 2019-06-20 ★★★★★

Used these with my 3 plants when I transplanted into 5 gal pots, 2 Aurora Indicas, and 1 Gorilla glue and all 3 are growing like crazy. I have not added any other feeding since I planted in April. I will use with all my grows from now on, I am a loyal customer with my seeds and nutrients. Thanks Nirvana keep up the great service and keep rolling and smoking. I will order again after my next grow you must try these great tabs. 5*****

By Jennifer N. posted on 2016-04-27 ★★★★★

After a few days out of no where they started growing in leaps and bounds very pleased with results. There will be a repeat purchase.

By Dejan D. posted on 2013-07-26 ★★★★★

As a first time grower this is ideal for low maintenance. I bought ultimate grow kit. But i do have one problem though. I have bought blue mystic auto and put one soiltab on first day and after a month 1/2 of flowertab. My problem is that you have no instruction for autos and comments on peoples reviews goes from not recommended (soiltbab) to put 1/4 to go with flowertabs from day one. Please put instructions on the product page regarding autos so me and other people wouldn't be confused.

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