How to Grow Weed

Do you want to know how to grow a cannabis plant and produce your own weed? On this page, you will find every instruction you are looking for to get a successful yield. There are various important aspects that determine, among others, the yield, THC and CBD level and the growing period. Moreover, depending on the strain of your choice, the level of difficulty differs. Therefore, there is no clear and unambiguous answer to the question ‘how to grow weed or cannabis’. Read all the instructions and make your weed yield a success!

How to grow weed or cannabis: some factors that must be taken into account

Besides sufficient sunlight, the right quantity of water and the different methods which are linked to specific cannabis strains, there are some other aspects that you have to take into account. For example, you can choose between (among others) feminized and autoflower seeds, that both need specific means to grow successfully. Autoflowers are suitable for growing indoors and require other care measures than regular or female plants. All answers to the big question ‘how to grow weed or cannabis’ can be found here. If you are a beginner, make sure to read these instructions carefully and start with the easier to grow strains.

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