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Nirvana™ invented revolutionary new tools for cannabis cultivation. We offer you a full range of fertilizers to improve the yield of your weed plants.

Grow Solutions

Containers for Soil & Soiless

Let’s look real quick at the best container to use for soil and soilless. Fabric pots, also known as “Smart Pot” or grow bags are without a doubt the best containers for both soil and soilless. They are incredibly malleable since they’re just fabric, but they are durable enough to hold gallons of soil while allowing incredible airflow for getting oxygen to the roots and allowing great drainage.

Combined with a coco coir/perlite mix, it’s essentially impossible to overwater your cannabis plants. This is great because many first-timer run into both over- and underwatering issues.

Around a 5 gallon pot is the perfect size for beginners. You can figure out the size you need based on the plant’s final height. 2 gallons per 12” of height is a good rule of thumbs. All plants vary a bit so if you’re worried, aim for a larger rather than smaller container because too small can cause rootbound, which makes a plant more vulnerable to issues.