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Growing in Hydroponic

Growing in Hydroponic

Hydro isn’t really that difficult either, it just takes a little more work to setup, has the highest set up cost (though it’s the cheapest indoor method long-term), and there is a lot of bad information out there. But if you want to get the best out of your cannabis plants then hydro is the way.

While soilless is a hydro system, most refer to hydro they are talking about a re-circulating system where the plant’s roots are actually submerged in water. The most common setup is called a DWC (Deep Water Culture). An air pump is installed so oxygen can be pumped into the water and provided to the roots.

Despite the roots being underwater, they are actually provided with more oxygen compared to the other two methods.

Err on the side caution when giving nutrients since they will be circulating throughout the system and more readily available to your plant.

After setup, growing in hydro is just as straightforward as the other growing methods.