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Things to avoid

Alright, it’s the growing stage you’ve been waiting for. There is nothing quite like seeing the colas form and engorge the first time you grow. Hell, I still get absurdly excited and giddy with joy every time I lay my eyes on my plants when they are flowering, and I’ve grown a lot of cannabis throughout my life.

By now you should be feeling better about growing and have gotten some of those early jitters out of the way. Which is good because flowering, while the most fun growth phrase, often causes the most stress and maintenance.

But first things first... Remember, when I said you could mess with the sex of your plant and turn it into a hermaphrodite? This is one way to. Though on several occasions I’ve had my timer mess up and turn the lights on in the middle of the dark period for a couple hours and for a couple of days and never had this occur.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to visit your plants when the lights are off. If I have to, I just use barely enough light for me to see and make it quick. This is a risk that I’m comfortable taking, mostly because I’ve messed up in the past and exposed flowering plants to way more light and I feel it never really caused a problem. *knock on wood* However, a better option is to use a green light because this will not affect the plant even in flowering.

You’ll start seeing the bud sites forming when little white hairs called pistils/stigmas. You’ll want to focus your lights on them. Sometimes you’ll see bud sites hidden in all the foliage, feel free to try and tuck some of the leaves back for better exposing light to the buds below.