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Medical marijuana from Nirvana Shop can suppress pain and alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of illnesses and ailments.

CBD Seeds

I grow it recreationally for myself and medically for my partner. – Jim

Reasons to start growing

Everyone has their own reasons for growing cannabis. Personally, I grow it recreationally for myself and medically for my partner. I also got tired of meeting up in shady parking lots and paying absurd prices for iffy weed, and that was if I could even find it. When you think about, it’s only logical to grow your own cannabis.

Higher quality Cannabis

Your plants have your undivided attention if you so choose to give them. You are responsible for the quality, even when it comes to genetics because I will show you how to pick the right seeds. You will know and are responsible for everything that goes into your plants.

Consistent supply

A single plant can result in a hefty harvest, so you have no more reasons to run out of your stash. From the beginning, even when I had a poor setup, I always grew enough with one plant for two everyday tokers.

It’s cheaper

Compared to purchasing it from a third party, growing your own cannabis can be much, much cheaper. If you follow the information in this guide, you can make up in marijuana what you spent on your entire setup. Some can do that in one grow, I personally did it in two grows. My first grow setup was god awful mess too.

Health reasons

Cannabis can be used to alleviate several medical conditions, for example: epilepsy, pain, or simply being stressed out! Growing means you can always have your favorite medical strain on hand.


This might seem like an odd one at first, but as long as you don’t go blabbing everywhere that you grow, you’ll be a lot safer than you would be buying from shady dealers.