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Final Thoughts on Lights

Final Thoughts on Lights

If you can afford the startup cost and know that you’re going to stick to growing then your best bet is probably still HID lights. CFLs and T5 are good for beginners and require a less complex setup and as you can see you can get a lot of watts for cheap. LEDs are quickly becoming the staple and will probably soon replace HIDs, but how soon is hard to say. The chinese made ones won’t compare to HID lights and before you buy one you should compare it with the T5 fluorescent as many growers feel they are better.

If you’re up for it build a COB LED grow light.

Best: HID and COB LED
Good: Chinese made LED panels and T5 fluorescent
Too soon to tell: Plasma (great potential)

All and all pick the one that’s best for your needs because all can grow cannabis to great potentials.