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Grow light or Sunlight

Grow light or Sunlight

When growing outside you only have two real requirements: 8+ of good sunlight every day and planted in the spring or at at least placed outside in the spring.

For growing inside you’ll need at least three things for your light setup:

Surge Protector:
always an extremely wise to have one regardless of your type of lights. 

Light Timer:
don’t even think about not having one. Photoperiods need 12 hours of darkness when flowering. If a photoperiod is exposed to too much light during flowering, she’s can revert back to her vegetative state. You’ll also want to keep a fairly set in stone lights on/off schedule during the flowering stage.

Grow lights:
This goes without saying.There are three main types of lights (CFLs, LEDs, and HIDs) and like grow medium they have their pros and cons.