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Grow tents & houses

Grow tents & houses

Let’s talk about the structure that houses your plant’s environment. When growing indoors you’re creating an artificial environment that should be separate from your house’s. Plant’s need their privacy as well.

A lot of growers start off by growing in their closets, but that’s not a great place by default. Grow tents are the easiest way to go, but they force you a bit into a more professional setup because of how they are designed. If you’re like me, that may make you feel uncomfortable to have in the beginning. It’s easier to claim you’re only growing for yourself when you have a very DIY looking setup.

You can make your own grow tent by taking plastic containers or totes and stacking them to create height. You will have to cut holes for an exhaust system and lights.

You’ll want the inside to be reflective either by buying white containers, painting them white, or using a reflective material like mylar. Please do not use aluminum foil as it’s crinkly nature will reflect light unevenly creating dangerous hotspots for plants.

If you paint your grow space white, you’ll want a paint that is preferably at least 90% reflective. Flat white is the best, but some growers have concerns about mold since it’s not waterproof. I personally never had any issues with flat white paint and mold, and I used a container with it for a few years that had 10+ grows. If you are concerned about mold, glossy white paint is waterproof but less reflective.

Here’s a handy chart for materials and their reflectivity:

BW poly85-90%
Flat White Paint60-90%
Glossy white paint70-80%
Black paint<10%