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Indoor or outdoor

Indoor or outdoor

The next thing you need to decide is whether you want to grow indoors or outside. They both have their pros and cons. 

Growing indoors definitely gives you the most control over your plants, and the best thing about it is you can grow year-round. However, most consider growing indoors to be trickier than growing outside. Plants are just meant to be outside, that’s where they thrive and want to be. When growing indoors you’re creating an artificial environment and while it can outgrow its outside cousin, it’s still an artificial environment that’s trying to be the real thing and requires more work. On average an indoor plant is probably weaker and more fickle than it would be if you grew it outside.

Another big pro is as long as you pay attention to odor control, growing indoors is the stealthier option if that is an issue for you.

Growing outdoors definitely gives you the benefit of ease and is more cost-effective. But you’re restricted by the seasons as you can only plant in spring and harvest in the fall. Outside also brings along its own problems with stealth-related issues and you have to worry about potential thieves that range from humans to animals to insects.
Weather is both a blessing and a curse because it creates stronger and hardier plants. You’ll come to find that cannabis is one hell of a plant when it comes to adapting to her environment and by doing so they become stronger plants. As long as temps, rain, wind, and pest don’t get too crazy on you, you’ll have an absurdly durable plant that mocks its indoor cousin’s feebleness.

The best advice I can give for judging whether your environment is suitable for growing is how do you feel? Do you feel that it’s too hot outside, then plant probably does as well! Too windy, well you can guess what your plant thinks.