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Marijuana smell

We all know that marijuana stinks to high-heaven and we love it for that, but that causes issues when it comes to stealth. You have two methods: “scrubbing” the smell or covering it up. Carbon scrubbers are typically used in grow tents and do the best job.

Before I used a carbon scrubber I used a product called ona gel that neutralizes the smell. These gels have a strong cleaning fragrance and were originally made to control smells inside sewage facilities. Ona gel and blocks don’t smell bad, but they remind me of a freshly clean bathroom or restroom. I’d like using these when growing 1-2 plants. Keep ona gels outside of your grow tent because they can reduce and even alter the smell of the cannabis buds. This is why you DO NOT want to use sprays ever as your plant can potentially absorb them!

Even if you don’t have to worry about the smell, I recommend it as one plant will make your whole house smell. What’s nice is marijuana is fat soluble so the smell rarely last long once removed, unlike tobacco which is water soluble.That’s why the smell of tobacco lingers forever and gets into everything like furniture, etc.