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Typically, cannabis plants like the same temperatures that we do, they don’t handle extremes, especially colder temps as well as us though. But what is uncomfortable to you, is probably uncomfortable to your plants. While you don’t have to, keeping your temps colder when the lights are off simulates a more natural environment, which may give you a better/stronger plant, and develop purple hues if they have the genetics for that.

Seedlings: Temperatures should be spring-like. Around 21° C (70° Fahrenheit) is the best range.
Vegetation: Temperatures should be summer-like.   21° - 30° C   (70° - 85° Fahrenheit) is the best range.
Flowering: Temperatures should be fall-like. 18° - 26° C   (65° - 80° Fahrenheit) is the best range.
Drying and Curing: Temperatures should be in the 21° - 26° C  (70°-80° Fahrenheit) range.