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The grow space you need


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The grow space you need

Don’t be like beginner me and think that if you have a growing space that’s 40 inches tall that means it can house a plant that’s equally as tall. You need to account for not just the plant’s height (which can vary greatly depending on strain), but also the type of lights you are using (grow lights need to be a certain distance from the plant), and how tall your grow container is.

Most grow tents are usually at least 60” in height and I personally wouldn’t go under that. I think aiming for around 6 feet is probably your best option which I know seems tall. So let’s look at a setup and see how height adds up fast.
For calculating light height, you can jump down to the section “Grow Lights or Sunshine”.

Let’s say it looks light this: CFL lights, a 5-gallon container for soil, and a lovely indica strain that averages around 35 inches. Add around 10 inches for the container and at least 5 inches for the CFLs. That means you need at least 50” of height for your container/tent if you choose to not do any plant training to keep the height down.
Say you’re using LEDs, so when your plant is at its tallest, your LEDs will be about 16-18 inches away. Then add room for it to hang if you’re using a common LED grow light that has fans. You’re now looking at 65 inches of height if you don’t do plant training.

Now, training can dramatically lower a plant’s height, but that vertical height has to go somewhere and that means with plant training you’ll need more width and depth space, which can take up space for other cannabis plants. The plants that I grew in my early years were commonly around 22 x 22 in with LST (plant training).

The best thing you can do is make a blueprint of your planned grow setup before purchasing any item.
For more on plant training techniques check out the section titled “Plant Training”.