Pre-99 Big Bud Femminizzati

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Pre-99 Big Bud Femminizzati


5 Semi per pacchetto

Prevalentemente indica

Al chiuso, Al chiuso o all'aperto

400 - 500 g/m² in SOG

8 - 9 weeks

Pre-99 Big Bud Femminizzati
  • Thickstalked
  • compact plant with giant colas.
  • Highly commercial strain.
  • 80 Indica / 20 Sativa

Genetics from our famous Big Bud, back on dope demand.

Big bud is one of the oldest commercial Nirvana strains. Big Bud is bred for maximum yield without too much compromise on quality.
The branched may become so heavy with flowers that they may need to be tied up.
Plants grow to medium to high height.

Pre-99 Big Bud has an earthly, sweet aroma. She has some Skunk characteristics and a fairly long lasting high.
Great for relaxation when you suffer from muscle spasms or insomnia.

Genetics(Afghani x Skunk) x Old School Big Bud
Tipo di piantaPrevalentemente indica
ColtivazioneAl chiuso, Al chiuso o all'aperto
Altezza piantaMedia
Resa Media400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
Periodo di fioritura8 - 9 weeks
EffettoRilassato, Assonnato, Euforico
SaporeSweet, Earthy, Flowery
MedicoTensione, Depressione, Insonnia

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Pre-99 Big Bud Femminizzati

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5 Semi per pacchetto
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