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The specs

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Blue Mystic is the marijuana strain you grow when you don't want people to know that you grow.

Blue Mystic is quite the funny plant. She's short, but blossoms into a mini-forest of dense buds with glassy trichomes washing over them like morning dew. And don't let Blue Mystic's non-exist odor during flowering fool you, when you light her up she packs a mouthful of lustrous blueberry notes with fresh citrus and woody undertones. And she'll leave you feeling relaxed and at ease with a wonderfully clear and euphoric high that makes her great for late afternoon and night time toking.

Blue Mystic really has all the best features of an autoflowering strain without the common faults. She grows fast, easy as pie to grow and is incredibly low maintenance, but still delivers quite the punch of THC despite her ruderalis and indica heritage. There is a reason many recommend this strain for first-time growers.

Our tip for this strain: Try and keep your nighttime temps at the bare minimum (18-21°C) during flowering for a gorgeous lavender hue that washes over your plant's leafs and rewards you with a uniquely colored plant that you’ll want to show off.  

What we love about this strain: Blue Mystic is perfect for first-time growers and the pros are missing out if they have never grown this strain before. Much like the high she delivers, growing Blue Mystic will keep you relax without a worry in your mind. With a lovely citrus and berry taste that you would never imagine when growing – when we say she has a neutral smell we mean it – Blue Mystic is a great addition to any grower's garden, and we wouldn't fault the first-time grower if they ended their search here.  

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Genetics (Flo x Afghani) x Blueberry
Plant type Predominantly Indica
Sex Type Male or Female
Cultivation Indoor
Average Yield 350 - 450 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period 8 - 10 weeks
Grow Difficulty Easy

Customer experience


  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Euphoric


  • Berry
  • Blueberry
  • Woody

Medical use

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Appetite


★★★★ 30 reviews

By Eric R. posted on 2019-06-01 ★★★★★

This review is as comprehensive as I can possibly make it. This review documents in detail the journey of two phenotypes from seed to flower, with a week by week breakdown of flowering. I also discuss my setup, techniques, and most importantly the smoke report! I want to put in the first paragraph that I feel like this is more of an outdoor strain, although this review is primarily for the indoor grow. I have 5 clones in the ground and two in pots outside and I will either update this review with my outdoor results or write a separate review. I planted all 5 beans. 2 didn’t germinate and one was male. Nirvana went above and beyond to make up for the low ratio. On the other hand the two females I got are beautiful. I designated the phenotypes Blue Mystic #1 and #2. The first set of true leaves all showed signs of mutation, something that happens with blueberry. Most impressively, the first true leaves on one of them had tips that made a full 180 degree helical twist at the end. They both look more like 50/50 hybrids than indica dominant when compared to the Aurora or even the white widow, which I also have growing. Later on the #1 pheno will also be referred to as the blueberry pheno, and #2 will also be referred to as the lemon or flo pheno. The #2/lemon/flo pheno even appears to be slightly sativa dominant, while retaining the high calyx to leaf ratio and bud density of an indica. These two phenos are completely different in a wonderful way. The #1/blueberry phenotype appears to be just that — a pure blueberry phenotype. While suited well enough to outdoor growing, it doesn’t prefer to grow outdoors like #2. Rubbing a sugar leaf and smelling your fingers fills your nose with blueberry. It’s a sturdy, dark plant with fat stalks and medium-wide fan leaves that have a slight blue hue, and is extremely hardy. It gets some of the biggest calyxes I have ever seen and produces big fat colas. Nice big gooey, almost mushroom shaped trichome heads. This pheno looks like an awesome plant to keep around for dependable weight. A small test squish of about a half gram of lower buds that I clipped early shows extreme promise for rosin production. #2/lemon/flo is lighter green and slightly shorter than #1. It has narrower, more sativa like 7-9 fingered fan leaves and considerably higher trichome density makes up for the smaller size. This one is head stash through and through but did not yield well indoors, however I’m testing a theory that I can drastically increase the yield by encouraging a canopy instead of colas. In fact, she grows like an absolute beast outdoors, and something tells me she prefers to grow this way and will give me a lot more bud when grown outdoors. She appears to lean more towards the flo side, smelling like lemon pine sol and mango and growing more like a sativa with long narrow fan leaves and longer internodes. I see very little afghani in either of these. I believe this to be the “super frosty pheno” from Patrick C’s review because of his statement about high quality making up for low yield. That is an uncanny description of this plant. It is more sativa expressive than the blueberry pheno, and continues to shoot out new clusters of pistils all through flowering — supposedly a trademark of flo. During veg I topped them at the 8th node and spread them out some with LST a week before triggering them. Unfortunately I didn’t realize you were supposed to leave the wires on and keep them more spread out. The stretch undid all my LST and cause two main colas to grow. I flipped them at 11 weeks. They stayed in vegetative mode for about 10 days after triggering, and they stretched like CRAZY, and fast, almost doubling in height. This is by no means a compact plant. The stretch completed and the first flowers started forming about 12 days after switching to 12/12. Once again, they grew like 50/50 hybrids as opposed to indica dominant. At the beginning of week 3 the buds really started to take shape and the first resin glands began appearing. There was no noticeable smell — that much is consistent with the description on the site — but they more than doubled in height during the stretch so make sure you have either a trellis or lots of headroom. A nice bud began growing from every node, and interestingly enough they didn’t put any unnecessary energy into developing the buds growing in areas with less light penetration. Around week 4 of flowering the two phenotypes started to display more variation. #2 didn’t get quite as tall, and one cola is shorter than the other unlike #1 with two equally tall colas. #2 looks to lean more towards the flo side and smells more citrusy/mango/chemmy. It began surpassing the #1 phenotype in resin production at this time. At the beginning of week 6 I added a second light to the flowering setup. This light is a 150w full spectrum LED to complement my other one which isn’t as powerful. Week 6 also held a big surprise. The #1 phenotype, which has been a beautiful plant with lackluster resin production, began to pick up the slack in a big way. As of 6/26/19, midway through the 6th week of flowering, the #1 phenotype has nearly caught up in terms of resin production. Still not as many trichomes, but almost. Making up for the fewer trichomes is the much larger heads. Each trichome head is a big glob of gooey goodness. The aromas of these plants suggest to me that they both have great terpene profiles for medicinal use. #1 smells like nothing but blueberry. She appears to have expressed 100% of the blueberry side of her parentage — something I’m absolutely thrilled about. I bought this strain in hopes of getting a pure blueberry pheno. #2 seems to be very limonene and myrcene heavy, almost smelling like distillate with those two terpenes added back in, sort of like lemon pine sol with a little mango — a truly unique, memorable, and delicious terpene profile that I am really excited about having in flower form. By the end of week 6/beginning of week 7 the effect of the new light became obvious in the form of a bunch of new pistils shooting out of the buds. I was concerned the second light wouldn’t increase my yield being added this late, but the buds don’t lie. The buds began to look like some serious chronic but it’s also become obvious that they’re gonna want to go at least 8 weeks. The outdoor ones may have to go clear into November. Our beautiful, mild fall weather makes for magnificent outdoor bud and the cool temps should really bring out the colors I see hinted at in my indoor grow. It doesn’t start getting really cold until after Thanksgiving. It’s too soon to tell what the yield will be, but the #1 buds are getting fat and frosty. She’s packing on more and more goodness every day and is beginning to look almost as frosty as #2. She looks like she’ll put out about 50% more bud than #2 and the difference in quality at this point is looking to be negligible. This #1 is gonna put out some serious weight while #2 will be an average/below average yield of superb bud, however #2 will get a much better yield grown in a canopy/scrog. They’re both looking like absolute top shelf buds at this point. There’s just gonna be a lot more of #1. I stopped feeding them guano at this point. They will be getting plain tap water for the next week, and then switched to my flushing regimen until they’re done. At this time I decided to designate #1 as the blueberry pheno and #2 as the lemon pheno. At the beginning of week 8 they’re looking just about done. Fan leaves are falling off and pretty much all of the pistils have turned orange. The blueberry pheno is significantly bigger than the lemon pheno, and the calyxes just continue to fatten up to rather ridiculous sizes, but I believe the sativa dominant lemon pheno will do much better outside. I will probably be chopping them down this week, and will start looking at the trichomes under the microscope. As of the beginning of week 8 they’re still mostly clear/cloudy, so when I see 20% amber they’re getting the chop, and I’m inclined to wait as long as possible since I like more CBD in my bud and the calyxes keep getting fatter. My target harvest date is July 18th, making flowering just shy of 9 weeks. At this point I won’t be able to tell which one is the keeper until the flowers finish curing and I squish out some rosin from both cured bud and whole plant bubble hash, but given the large colas on #1 compared to the average colas on #2, I’m now leaning towards keeping #1. Before the resin production picked up I was certain I would be keeping #2 but now I think I need to smoke a lot of both and bring clones from each plant to completion before I can make a fully informed decision. #2 was unable to reach her full potential because of the nute burn and lack of training. Due to the time of year all of the clones I took were moved outdoors. 5 were planted in the ground during the first week of June and two were kept in pots. I acclimated them to my outdoor climate, which is fantastic for cannabis, and planted 4 of them in a pit filled back level with good soil mix underneath a 36x36” steel wire scrog net. Trellises will be placed over the ones in pots eventually. On July 11th I dropped the scrog net down even with the tops of the plants, because they looked like they might be beginning to stretch. They will be woven through the net until the end of July, at which time they’ll be allowed to grow up to make some colas and top dressed with more compost and a little bone meal. By the end of July the trellis is almost completely full. The plants appear to be stretching but I don’t see any pistils yet. For nutrients I went all organic. I started with a standard soil mix of equal parts peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite with about 3/4 cup of really good compost per gallon of soil. During veg I fed with Alaska brand fish emulsion fertilizer with which I’ve always had really good results. During flowering I used Aurora Organics HPK guano tea and a little blackstrap molasses. All nutrients were mixed at about 3/4 the recommended ratio. Additionally the plants were top dressed with a mix of 50/50 compost/soil about 4 weeks into flowering, when I noticed roots growing through the surface of the soil. I believe this top dress is what caused the nutrient burn with the #2 phenotype. Next time I am going to further reduce the nutes. For flushing, I used Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish diluted in Kirkland Signature bottled water. Super convenient since a standard bottle of water is 500ml and this stuff mixes at a 1:500 ratio. Lighting is all LED. The veg cabinet has 2 23 watt 225 diode blue and white LED panels mounted to the ceiling. The flowering plants sit on top, under a 100w full spectrum LED grow light. A second 150w full spectrum LED was added at the end of week 5. Not sure if adding it this late will make a difference in yield, these lights will eventually be relegated to backup status and replaced with something that has cobs at some point before the next batch of plants is ready to flower. If you made it this far, congratulations! Smoke report time! The flower still needs to cure but oh my goodness the rosin is absolutely divine. The test batch used nugs from both phenos and tasted like berries and roses and mango. Great clear headed and invigorating high from one dab, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that it’s from early buds. It tastes amazing. The cured buds are delicious, and the rosin yield is great. The rosin itself tastes amazing and packs a wallop. I can’t wait for the outdoor plants to finish up. I will update with my outdoor results come harvest time. In conclusion, this is a great strain and would be the ultimate stealth strain if only it were more compact, and due to the size I believe this is more of an outdoor strain. I made some errors on the indoor grow that reduced my yield, but my plan was always to take clones for an outdoor grow. This review will not be complete until the outdoor clones are done. LST and scrog techniques can manage the stretch and due to the smell this one can be grown in large amounts outdoors as long as the plants are hidden from view. My biggest concern with outdoor growing is always theft and I think the way these smell won’t tip anyone off to what you have growing. I will definitely come back and update this review with my outdoor results. I see great potential in this strain and plan to use it as the mother for all kinds of interesting crosses, which I will ultimately unleash upon my state’s medical cannabis program.

By Logan A. posted on 2017-05-14 ★★★★★

First time ordering from Nirvana. Ordered a few days ago and quick and fast updates on my purchase and when kg was shipped. Now the waiting game begin. I can't wait to start and see how this strain does!! Will post updates

By Wayne B. posted on 2017-03-28 ★★★★★

Blue mystic was one I wanted to do badly.. It was a good sturdy strain.. I LST'd 2 of 3.. I was happy cuz they had a squat stature but the flower formation was phenomenonal.. The lower so called popcorn buds grow big like top cola type of buds; I don't think I got any popcorn buds to be honest.. Squeeze them & have the berry scent to them, not really blueberry but smurf berry scent... Mine was an outdoor grow, the purple hues came when the temps. became chilly.. Harvested with a little help with the folks on Weed Portal.. Cut her down at 80% milky & 20% amber.. The meds were great, the indica stone was there & the the euphoria.. It was good to smoke then chill.. I liked to used it for insomnia.. Had the berry taste that everyone loved. Nice plump buds.. Cured for month.. The plant was short but large, crazy... I'd diffenetly grow her again but I'm trying different Nirvana strains.. I say I got over 6 ozers of top grade buds.. Yep, another strain in the books.. Yeah, Nirvana is real & has the best genetics.. I was a novice in 2012.. a little help wit Nirvana, I got a whole lot better at growing.. Newbies out there, give Nirvana a try. You won't be disappointed... Peace... 4corners NM, USA

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