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Jock Horror

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About Jock Horror

When you think of marijuana you might not know it, but you’re probably thinking about ol’ Jock Horror because this is a classic cannabis strain thru and thru.

So, what do we mean by that . . . well, first her high leaves you giggling, happy, creative, and a hungry enough to demolish your kitchen cabinets. After setting ablaze, expect a mouthful of a perfect blend of high notes of berry sweetness with an earthiness that provides a wonderful base.

Another reason she’s a classic strain, Jock Horror is made up of three classic strains: Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights. These vintage strains come together and produce a strain that all recreational users will love. She’s takes us to the place where we are sipping fine whiskey next to a roaring fireplace as we longe away in our comfy chair with a fine cigar and our favorite record spinning. A quixotic classic beauty like no other.

Our tip for this strain: Normally, we would not recommend this strain for medical users, but Jock Horror loves giving you the munchies and we have seen numerous cases of those going through chemotherapy loving this strain because it roaringly brings back their appetite.

What we love about this strain: Jock Horror can be enjoyed whenever: morning, afternoon, night, whatever floats your boat. A few light tokes will help deliver a double shot of espresso to get you moving. But if you’re hankering for that classic couch-locked effect, all you need to do is hit it a little harder and her focused high will turn into you melting into your couch.

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GeneticsMexican Haze x Northern Lights x Skunk#1
Plant typePredominantly Sativa
Sex TypeMale or Female
Average Yield350 - 450 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period9 - 11 weeks
Grow DifficultyMedium

Customer experience


  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Talkative


  • Sweet
  • Earthy
  • Berry

Medical use

  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Nausea

Reviews of Jock Horror

Very Positive (10 reviews)
9 growers recommend this

Shaylan M.


I have been a grower for over 25 yrs now. I use another online source for buying seeds. Well several. I personally have never been ripped by any company. I like the promotions that a certain site has. I was happy also with Nirvana's promotions also. After ordering more than 8 times, I now have an electric fruit auto and a Cinderella 99 auto patch going. Now, before I go any further, I did not know what the Jack Horror strain was. But I grew 2/4 one turned Herm on me after the second week of Flower. The other turned into a Monster. I grow a 4 tent setup. Almost filled a 4X4X8FT tent with just one plant. Sticky Icky!! I've cloned over 20 plants of this mother, Gave them all away to friends and Family. After two weeks the clones were over two feet tall. They grew better than the parent. I have to admit , I am very impressed with this strain. 10 oz. dried and cured for over a month. Made Hash from some of the flower leaves and all the other plants too of coarse. I would definitely buy again, Nirvana ran a promo around Halloween, that is how I can to order them. Worth every penny. Vegasshay

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Ben H.


100% germination on these 10 Jack Horror regular seeds. 70% germination so far on the 10 freebie unknown seeds.Only 18 days since sowing. Plants look strong and healthy.

D. R. C.


Got seeds of JH two years back. Collected seeds from two more Indica phenotypes and now have had six grows with excellent results. Have had a mostly sativa looking phenotype that was way strong and good. The indica phenos have produced good with sweet vapor. Nirvana's Jock Horror impresses.

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