Papaya Regular

Nirvana™ Original
Very Positive  21 reviews  - 20 growers recommend this
Papaya Regular


10 Seeds per pack



350 - 450 g/m² in SOG

7 - 9 weeks

Papaya Regular
  • Greasy cannabis indica strain.
  • Grows and matures quickly, stays short and dense.
  • Exotic taste and relaxing, narcotic effect.

Greasy Indica strain with juicy green buds.
Fast growing plants, short and dense.
Tastes of sweet exotic fruits. 
Relaxing, calming body buzz. 

Papaya is a fast growing, disease resistant, and usually early maturing strain. This heavy, greasy Cannabis indica stays short and dense, making it very suitable for Sea of Green gardens. Papaya has an exotic tropical aroma that's also reminiscent of whiskey pipe tobacco. The buzz from our Papaya is relaxing, lethargic, and almost narcotic.

GeneticsJack Herer x Skunk#1
Plant TypeHybrid
Plant HeightShort
Average Yield350 - 450 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period7 - 9 weeks
EffectHappy, Euphoric, Relaxed
FlavorSweet, Tropical, Mango
MedicalStress, Insomnia, Pain
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Reviews of Papaya Regular

Very Positive (21 reviews)
20 growers recommend this
JEFF H. 2016-09-14
I have papaya, swiss chease, and ak48 groing outdoors. I've been concerned about my season here in the north. But I'm very happy to report that it looks like the papaya will finish for sure,as it started flowering two weeks sooner than the others.
Wayne B. 2016-08-28
Dropped 6 PAPAYA seeds..YEAH..! 5stars..,Nirvana gets 10Stars in my book.. Been buying since 2012; Never had a prob wit the seeds, they've always grown into perfect females.. Right now have Aurora indica, Sterling Haze, Venus Flytrap & a few more strains.. Huge perfect plants..Have AK-48 seeds on the way.. I can't figure out why anyone wouldn't be able to grow top notch grade plants with these kick ass genetics.. I started out as a novice.. So,I know Papaya is a winner(1st time trying)... Papaya will be Christmas Budds... Peace near 4Corners, USA...... NIRVANA is for
D. R. C. 2016-08-19
Have had four grows with Nirvana's Papaya. Beautiful, light green with o so red hairs. The smell and taste though is where this indica shows best.

Papaya Regular

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