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Nirvana Royal Flush is an F1 marijuana hybrid of Jock Horror and an Eldorado from Oaxaca in Mexico. Seeds from this variety grow into tall and lanky marijuana plants, with plenty of budding sites. Royal Flush has a unique sweet-and-sour flavor that will leave you smacking your lips, and its buzz is energetic and uplifting.

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Plant type Predominantly Sativa
Cultivation Indoor
Average Yield 325 - 425 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period 10 - 12 weeks


★★★★☆ 7 reviews

By Steve A. posted on 2019-05-18 ☆☆☆☆☆

MOLD MOLD AND MORE MOLD... HAD TO TOSS ABOUT 3/4 OF IT. What didn't have mold.. was awesome. Yield was excellent until I had to throw 75% of it in the trash. Very powerful high... but really was a bummer most was wasted. Humidity was kind of high with no humidier, so might be better if I could have kept the humidity in check

By Glenn L. posted on 2017-01-22 ★★★★★

Among my wife's favorite strains. Very picky though. Very sensitive to nutrients and could be a strain better suited to soil than coco. Not a big yielder. Largest plant around 1.5oz. Very active and happy high. Lots of housework gets done when wife consumes this strain. Not very vigorous growth and seed germination only produced 2 viable seeds. 2 others never popped and one never made it out of the rockwool. Upon inspection it was twisted all around and died when it could not find its way out. Still recommending though as when you get a plant that makes it the result is great.

By Steve M. posted on 2013-06-27 ★★★★★

From Nirvana seeds. Watch her progress, From seed, to Bloom, Outdoors

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