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Supreme CBD Durban

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Sorry, Supreme CBD Durban is discontinued and will not return for order.

The CBD-rich Supreme was also used to conceive our second CBD rich strain, callled  Supreme CBD Durban. She has 8% CBD and 8% THC, so a 1:1 ratio. We used an IBL Durban Poison, which we thought would work well to create a stable high CBD strain. And so it did. This hybrid is sativa dominant (70%) so she grows out quite tall. During the flowering period she will add 2/3 to her height, so please limit the growing period. Durban CBD is a great strain to use in a SCROG setup. She grows vigorously with large fan leaves and fingers that are widely set apart. Flowering will take between 60 to 70 days.

The aroma is sweet slightly aniseed and the taste is sweet and has a hint of licorice. The mild THC percentage paired wth the high CBD content creates a relaxing bodystone that will greatly reduce pain, decrease the intensity and frequency of spasms, acts as an anti-convulsant with epilepsy. Supreme CBD Durban can also be used to combat anxiety and stress disorders. Having a CBD content also helps reduce inflammatory common with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

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Genetics Durban Poison x CBD (The Supreme)
Plant type Predominantly Sativa
Sex Type Female
Cultivation Indoor
Average Yield 350 - 450 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period 8 - 10 weeks
Grow Difficulty Medium


★★★☆☆ 9 reviews

By Adrielle M. posted on 2017-12-21 ★★★★★

I received my order as expected for South African shipping - about 1 month. It arrived securely at my street address in Cape Town. I'm mentioning this because seeds I ordered later to Johannesburg didn't get through the postal checks (I assume since they never arrived). I guess some cities (with prohibition) will be less suspicious of Amsterdam addresses than others. 4/5 of my seeds sprouted, and I think that was because I planted 2 soon after getting them and then the other 3 about 8 months later where only 2 sprouted. They remained in their bubble packaging in a drawer for that time. I'm sure the heat got to the one. So I think these seeds were very successful starters! The effect is so interesting and you can actually feel the CBD blocking the THC and creating this slow release high transition that happens over about 30 minutes for me. I grew the seeds in pots and have done clones in deep water culture with synthetic nutes using scrog growing technique. These girls are really easy going and very resilient. I cure them with star aniseed to bring out the licorice scents and it works like you can't believe! Flavour: 4/5 Growing Level: Super Easy Effects: High begins slowly and builds up, then you feel quite speedy but a little stoned too, the come down is calming but alert Love: 5/5

By Jason r. posted on 2017-04-11 ★★★★★

i purchased these seeds in the summer of 2015, i kept best pheno out of the ones that sprouted. I have kept her as a dedicated mother plant ever since, she seems to do better with synthetic nutes over organic, she grows big fat buds just like the picture, that has a spicy aroma. She will make ya cough little bit, the high is upbeat, with no paranoia at all. The High CBD content prevents any racy heart and anxiety that might come with this strain. there is a noticeable amount of THC so there is a high. i use this for general aches pains and IBS. This plant will stop an IBS attack in minutes after smoking. Its also very arousing and makes sex amazing. If you are the type of person who cant handle high thc cannabis but need to get relief, this is your can function without a problem working and be very happy while doing so. Plant does really well in a SCROG but this not necessary

By Geoff H. posted on 2016-11-08 ★★★★★

As always my seeds arrived in good time and well packaged.I planted two seeds in my own organic mix and seven days in I have two 3cm tall seedlings which appear strong and healthy. I cant say much more at present but will update when they have progressed some. Thanks Nirvana.

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