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Misty Kush Regular

The specs

Low Medium High


Misty Kush is sweet little indica-dominant strain that gives users a high-dose of THC that creates a recreational sativa head buzz while balancing itself out with a strong medical body high that tells pain, cramps, and muscle spasms to bugger off.

She is a cross between our legendary Misty strain that many have fallen in love with and our Master Kush, another favorite strain of ours. She gets about medium in height and has a sweet citrus blend of mangos and lemons. Despite the high volume of THC-rich trichomes during flowering, her aroma stays inconspicuous and is very easy to manage.

A perfect strain for full body relaxation and spending your days bathing in the rays of the sun. Her height and compact nature makes her perfect for sea of green training, which we really recommend if you want to maximize her yield.

Our tip for this strain: The high THC and strong mix between both head and body high can leave some feeling dizzy, so make sure to take her slow when first starting out. This happens because the indica-dominate body high takes a little longer to kick in compared to the sativa-dominate head high.

What we love about this strain: A total knockout with an amazing fruity flavor. All fruit lovers have to try Misty Kush because we think she’s one of the best around. Though, she may be too sweet for some, we’d be wrong to not offer at least one strain that satisfies those with a sweet tooth.

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Genetics Misty x Master Kush
Plant type Predominantly Indica
Sex Type Male or Female
Cultivation Indoor as well as Outdoor
Average Yield 500 - 600 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period 8 - 10 weeks
Grow Difficulty Easy

Customer experience


  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed


  • Sweet
  • Tropical
  • Citrus

Medical use

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Cramps


★★★★★ 5 reviews

By Randy P. posted on 2018-10-09 ★★★★★

This was my first outdoor grow. I grew 2 Misty Kush plants thru to harvest. They survived a cold spring and were stunted. The Misty Kush finally got in gear but with the hordes of spider mites and caterpillars and raging hot summer, I was surprised, and still got an awesome harvest. One plant was a bit scrawny & about 5’ and the other was 6’ or a little over. The smaller plant produced 5 ounces and the 6’ was more vigorous and produced 10 ounces of sticky stinky frosted gorgeous large buds. Both plants were never topped and looked like xmas trees. The smell and taste is amazing and the high is incredible However my Blue Dreams stole the show & they pulled in massive amounts. I will order another 5-10 seeds of Misty Kush, bcuz this strain has big potential and I’ll def be getting more Blue Dreams. Also the freebie Mystery seeds I got from Nirvana were the very first to flower and finished by Sept 10th. One was ¾ of a pound of huge fluffy sweet Sativa type buds, and the other was 6 ounces of dense knarly Indica type buds and everybody luvs both. I’m an inexperienced first time outdoor grower, and I still grew a ton of top shelf potent shit. Nirvana has the goods, Let’s grow. Rando

By Mike v. posted on 2018-03-01 ★★★★★

I am still ordering all my materials for the grow this year. I will let you know how it turns out.

By john t. posted on 2017-04-04 ★★★★★

It was shipped on March,15th It arrived to my home on April,3rd. Very ingenious stealth package. An additional 10 - free, were included. Nirvana Shop is Great! Just in time for the growing season. A satisfied customer in the USA.

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