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5 Marijuana seeds

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The Big Bud strain is back by popular demand and she is one of our oldest high yielding commercial strains. So now you’re already aware that you’re looking at one of the gnarliest and insatiable marijuana strains around.

Coming from the USA to survive the War on Drugs in the 1980s, Big Bud seeds arrived with jaw dropping yields. This easy to grow predominantly indica strain produces massive buds with only a few leaves. She has an amazing flowering time from 8 to 9 weeks when growing indoors. She can yield 500 to 600 gr/m2 in SOG, which is about 25 ounces per square yard. She thrives in warm climates, but is resilient to almost anything.

We created Big Bud by crossing Afghani, Skunk, and Old School Big Bud which resulted in a compact plant with thick stalks and giant colas. You’ll never have to worry about the bright glare from your phones and computer keeping you awake ever again after smoking this strain. This cannabis cup winner rocks your body into jello and is perfect as a nightcap.

Speaking of her taste, her aroma is smooth and the high is very strong. She is the best sweet smelling nighttime tea you’ll ever have.

Our tip for this strain: Most likely you won’t have to worry about removing any leaves and fighting with your plant to create better light penetration. She has a rather high cola to leaf ratio, and you’re best bet is to try and keep the height down as she's taller than your average indica. You will also want to start plant training early if you favor LST (Low Stress Training) because her stalks get thick fast.

What we love about this strain: She’s one of our original marijuana seeds, and after we heard the complaints that we took her away we knew we had a bonafide classic on our hands. And we couldn’t be happier to bring back these wonderful seeds. And also that bud to leaf ratio is beyond fantastic. How could we not have such a pure indica cannabis strain in our catalogue?

Quote from a customer: “5/5 germed, beautiful strain, huge compact nugs, lovely strong scent with an earthy taste, I'll be getting more of these for sure” - Tony H.

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Genetics(Afghani x Skunk) x Old School Big Bud
Plant typePredominantly Indica
Sex TypeFemale
CultivationIndoor, Indoor as well as Outdoor
Average Yield500 - 600 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period8 - 9 weeks
Grow DifficultyEasy

Customer experience


  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Euphoric


  • Sweet
  • Earthy
  • Flowery

Medical use

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Insomnia


★★★★★12 reviews

By sam c. posted on 2019-09-26 ★★★★★

All seeds opened within 12hrs was shocked 10/10 love these plants my favourite old school smoke can’t wait!! Thanks @nirvana

By Randy P. posted on 2019-09-18 ★★★★★

Big Bud review.. I had such an incredible harvest last year with the blue dream and AK48 and Misty Kush that I went ape shit wild and ordered 15 dif strains from Nirvana for this year’s crop. I had also purchase a few doz clones locally but they never got as big and healthy as the plants from seed. Anyways I started them all Feb 1st in my 10’/10’ shed with an electric heater, I used indoor miracle grow potting soil and some 600 watt LED’s. By mid-March they were outgrowing their 6” containers and I moved them outdoors. I must have had the ideal environment cuz I had a 100% germination, I planted directly in the soil about ¼ inch deep and kept them watered. The shed was a constant 72-75 degrees and I kept the lights about 24” above them. I dug holes in the back yard and filled them with more miracle grow soil and mixed in sea bird and bat guano, also fish emulsion and worm castings. With a warm California spring they all started growing fast and bushy as all get out. But holy crap, to my horror, they all started to flower and there was no stopping them. By mid to late May, I was harvesting almost 5 pounds of dried and trimmed early outrageously smelly potent shit. The big bud plants wer some of the largest at about 4’ tall and hellaciously bushy. A few budded up heavily and a few it was like they cudnt decide to bud or veg and those plants had some scrawny leafy buds. The big buds were very potent and kinda skunky flowery smelling. I cut them all down to 15 inches to cut off most of the flowers. I was surprised and excited to see them re-veg and start growing again at an insane rate. By mid-July it was hot as hell and I was luvin life, that’s when the hammer fell, my psycho sister calls the law on me cuz I wudnt let her and her 35 yr old tweaker son and Pitt Bull move in. The cops were actually nice and suggested I grow indoors to be compliant with local Calif laws. So now I’m thinking my new strategy is, plant early again and get another early harvest b4 the SHTF. I will also grow some White Widow auto’s in the shed this winter and convert my back patio into a huge grow room next spring by removing the metal roofing and adding siding. Last year I pollinated a few lower branches of my Blue Dream with a male AK-48. I have a few 3’ bushes growing now and budding up heavily and excited to see what the result is. With these 2 potent strains it cud be some dangerous ass shit, I might have to call it,, Skull Fuk. Let’s grow, Rando

By loni m. posted on 2018-08-10 ★★★★★

Great strain. very sweet very frosty and a very very big yielder. I'm in week 7 and have two different phenos. one with big pointy colas and super sweet smelling, and the other with super fat round sugary colas with grape smell when I rub the leaf frost.

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